Thursday, February 16, 2012


today we had a few interesting lessons. first of all during Mod Maths I was waiting for teacher to say something important so I read The Hunger Games. I was at a good part, and I was so into it when I hear familiar laughs outside my class. of course I didn't look out or anything, it could be anyone. then suddenly I hear "L, O, V E Girl~~"
I had to turn. obviously, as expected, Ili, Ain and Shahira were passing by and stalking me. I can't help but laugh. I love sitting near the door, really. you can see all the people and teachers passing by, you control the fan and lights (although people rarely ask me to do anything, they do it manually - because walking is better than shouting.) and this. having weird friends who try to put a smile on your face.

after that we had English, and teacher asked me to read my poem and as I stood up I shook. literally shaking, until the end of the lesson. I don't know if anyone can see the tears that form and my teeth chattering afterwards. teacher asked the other people who they dedicate their poem to and other stuff, but thankfully she asked one question and let me sit. I wonder if she saw me shaking.

Then later she told us to write our current problem on a piece of paper and to not write our name. when done, fold it and put a symbol to show that the paper is yours. we put our paper into a small cone and take another person's. the paper I got said 'Scotland' instead of having a symbol. mine was a guitar. the problem written seemed like a joke to me, but I answered it as seriously as I could. when we all finished, teacher told us to put the paper somewhere visible on our table and 'sleep'. when she touches your shoulder you can wake up and search for your paper. I think I was one of the few last ones. the paper I answered probably was Adlina's or Ilana's. I have a feeling ... someone I know answered mine. the writing was familiar...

if you answered the paper with the guitar, OWN UP! I KNOW IT'S YOU!
why? because... it felt like she was scolding me. she kept telling me to apologize and I'm like  ...I already apologized XD I guess because it was an old problem that I can't stop thinking about so. It's sort of like I've already put iodine to the cut, now all that's left is to heal so. I shouldn't have put that problem ><" other than homework I actually have no problem whatsoever. or maybe the chores things what with my parents not around and all but I don't know how someone can solve this problem.

Ika told me Sangeetha answered hers, and I looked through it and Ika actually listed down like four problems XD I liked one of the answers, but I didn't like two. it was funny, Ika said, because when she found her paper Sangeetha actually saw her taking it back and they caught each other's eye and it was awkward so.
the most important thing about this is that someone who doesn't really know you would try her best to help with your problem. shows how caring everyone actually is.

then during Chemistry we had to count rice. it was an opening to learn about moles. not those nasty body moles, but a certain number (6.02 x 10 power of 23) is considered as a mole, because atoms can be so small that this number is only 18ml of water molecules, while this number for grains of rice can cover the whole Earth, up to 75 meters thick (I think that's the number). so it's sort of telling us how small atoms really are. counting the rice was interesting but later on I had to doze off for awhile - Chemistry is not all interesting, just these small things.

having problem getting in the mood to practice the piano after missing three days.
*edit. due to my stupidity, or maybe it was the lack of concentration, I have misspelled mol. yeah it's just mol without an e.

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