Monday, February 13, 2012

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today I didn't come to school because I went to send my parents to Umrah this afternoon. they were questioning how they're supposed to pick me up and I was wondering until which period does my attendance count so I decided to not come at all. the only bad thing about this is that now I'm a bit back-tracked and I'm not doing much to help it. plus my parent's absence is also adding a bit of responsibility for me, like I have to do the laundry, and with an average of 9 hours in a day spent in school and Abang and his family washing here too, I'm a bit worried bout when I'll get my clothes washed. maybe I'll just dump my school uniform every time it needs washing right after school and leave the others in the basket for the weekends.

the ten minute period of when I last saw mom, I was kinda sad. I know two weeks is gonna pass by quickly, that's what's been in my head for the past few weeks, but ya know. I'm gonna miss mom. I'm gonna miss going back home after school to see mom in front of the TV, telling me to eat while I walk upstairs to clean up. now I've to go to my mom's office until 5.30 when my brother goes home.

so then I went to my mom's office to print and photostat some stuff (please tell me I'm not the only one in Eng Lit who hasn't printed out her text) when I got a random friend request from a person called 'Fee Bee'. one mutual friend. I didn't check and immediately denied the request when she messaged me.

man do I wish a I have a reaction GIF to this.
oh wait I do.

went to house practice and went for senamrobik. I do not wanna get stuck in kawad again this year. the only reason I entered kawad was because I didn't wanna look stupid plus it's usually open for form 4 and 5 but they give exception for a few form 3s and compared to other people, I'm not as good. so this year I'm just taking the chance while I have friends who wants to go with me. ie Idah, Aina, Dina, and surprisingly Laila was there too.

I gave it my all when they say they're gonna audition us with this dance sequence. technically it's not hard nor is it simple, and if they teach us patiently like this, I think I can get a hang of it :) the audition was postponed to next week and I'm just scared I'll forget the steps by then. will have to practice with Idah XD

so I finished The Hunger Games during the weekends, and I was right to leave the sighing thing for the third book. it definitely didn't feel like an ending at all. I got the second book from Nadhrah just now (she was all "WHERE WERE YOU?!" on me) and we discussed Peeta VS. Gale, and I chose Gale.

see, it's pretty much like the Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson, my fandom towards Hutcherson. although I like Hutcherson, doesn't mean I like Peeta. to me, he's kinda soft. I mean I don't necessary dislike him or anything, I just prefer Gale, who's better at everything from Peeta, except for talking probably and baking. and don't take me comparing Twilight and Hunger Games too seriously neither, cuz I know The Hunger Games is better. at least there's no sparkling men.

also I've watched trailers, and I don't really like it much XD I guess I expected it to be... darker. but I guess it can't be any darker than that. so this is how Harry Potter fans feel like when they think the movie isn't as good as the book. but since I haven't seen the movie yet, I have no right to judge so. heck I haven't even finished the whole series.
I just hope when the movie comes out it won't be yet another mainstream thing. I know Hafizah said mainstream should be used more carefully but I this deserves it. The Hunger Games should not go mainstream. I don't even want other people to read it, I'm comfortable with the amount of people who has read it. the only person I want to catch into this world is my brother. he was a Harry Potter fan and I have a feeling he would be able to appreciate this just as much.

well, back to homework.

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