Saturday, February 11, 2012

peeta bread.

well, first things first, road run today was good, resulting to a very bad headache and a never ending Hunger Games reading marathon. I got a red card, means I got 3 marks, which most of my friends got too so at least I got more than one this year :> Blue house got first in whole <3 proud of Blue, seriously. this will definitely fire up my spirit for senamrobik this year ;)

you can see me, sort of. Glad I was in front XD You can see Aina quite clearly. Aina, Nadhwah, Syaira and Divya.

when I got home I didn't shower, I let my hair dry out first. had lunch and read Hunger Games. had a headache, so I prayed then slept to get rid of it, but it didn't work. when I woke up I showered, took Panadol and went out to buy some reference books and Renjer Guide's blue scarf. kinda happy Bakmal kept his old reference books, at least I saved on most subjects. I just needed Bio and Chem (cuz he just had his notebooks and it was kinda messy). Agama, Sejarah, Add Maths and Physics were all available. new set of reference books, yay. it kinda gives me a reminder that we're not kids anymore - it's for real, we're studying for SPM.

The Hunger Games if very addictive. every time I read any parts with Peeta in it I just thinking of  Josh Hutcherson being him. I know there are bigger Peeta fans out there, but I'm not a Peeta fan - I'm a Hutcherson fan, and The Hunger Games fan, mainly cuz I like all the characters who aren't a career tribute. (but I saw the cast and Cato looks hot. the boy tribute for District 3's cute too, but he's supposed to be one of the weaker ones with a good brain though so.) I keep fangirling at every PeetaXKatniss scene too. when they allied I was jumping up and down in joy for them. well technically I haven't been able to finish the book, close it, put it down and sigh "that was a good book" but I'm holding that in for the third. plus, I have a feeling Peeta's gonna die. idk Dina said the third book is gonna be sad and that's the worst scenario I can think of right now.

argh I forgot I'm supposed to finish off Running Man. I hope mom gives me a break tonight. feels like there's no night I can do whatever I want without worrying bout being tired the next day.

just call me the barn girl.

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