Friday, February 17, 2012

something special.

I wish no one who can't appreciate things I do as much as I appreciate it likes stuff that I like. Like The Hunger Games. I don't want anyone who just like THG because of the actors. or someone who reads the book after watching the movie. I will feel slightly offended that they read it because the movie was good or anything. because they don't know. the feeling of when you first read the book. it's scarier than how it seems on screen. Katniss's feelings and thoughts. it can't be expressed as well as on the pages itself.

I don't want Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift to be popular on the radios, like Paramore's Decode. a good song scratched by the fact that it owns to Twilight. also Bruno Mars' It Will Rain. sometimes I like the fact that they don't play K-POP songs on the radio much. if it does get played then it will be tagged as one of those songs that everyone knows and sounds exactly the same as any other song they hear every day. 

Sometimes I find satisfaction in sending my friends to the unknown about songs I like and they don't even know who sings it. like Wrong Number. everyone knows Mirotic, but does everyone know DBSK had another song after that? not if you're really interested in DBSK. well I was, but ever since they broke up the quality of their songs had lowered a bit (in my opinion). watching old videos when they were a five makes me sad, holding on to the small possibility that they'll come back together again.

sometimes I'm a bit disappointed with how the Korean entertainment works. I recently found out that SM actually bought Juliette from Disney. it was originally Corbin Bleu's Deal With It. two years after that song died off they bought it, added Minho's rap and make people fall for SHINee, not knowing that the song was actually made of money. and now they made a Japanese version as if they had given birth to such a success, when the sperm actually wasn't from the claimed father. When I found out SNSD's Run Devil Run was originally Ke$ha's I wasn't all too disappointed, I'm not really a SNSD fan but I'm sad for the SONEs out there that don't know. thing is, most 'bought songs' cases are from SMent, who are one of the most popular companies out there. it's sad, really.

recently, FNC Music changed to FNC Ent. after signing a contract with an actor I don't know and Jonghyun and Jungshin have possibilities of appearing in dramas. I'm proud of my boys, really. whoa. about to promote CNBLUE there. I don't want anyone to be falling over CNBLUE any time soon.

were tweeting and saw Xueh Wei's comment on people who imagines Peeta as Josh. I guess I don't even really know Josh that well anyway, I just like how he looks and how well he acts and Jesse, his character in Bridge to Terabithia. but I guess what she meant was the image is not the same. the built is the same, but I bet most people expected Peeta to have nice huge innocent eyes. Hutcherson did have those, but then he grew to shrink them XD 

there's too much about the movie that I don't like. the casting (they should pick an actual teenager, not a hot actress for Katniss' role), the colour. it all seems so wrong, yet Hutcherson manages to make me accept it. I would never disagree to make this into a movie, it's epic. but it all just seems so wrong. like how they put Avatar. real-life bending would be so cool, but everything else just ruined it. sometimes a producer/director's head is just not as good as a reader's head. also anime-lover's mind. I wonder if people who loved mangas hated their drama versions as much as this.

I miss editing videos. now I even have some good (non-KPOP) songs that I can use to edit K-POP MVs but I'll need a lot of practice (and really quality videos lol). seeing all those quality edits.. I wish I could do the same. 

did you know CNBLUE's having a fan-meeting tour around Japan? in the second most recent one, Jonghyun took off his tee and threw it to the crowd and walked off coolly backstage. there was a picture of the shirt, and it had sweat at the armpit area. the fan must be excited to get my husband's sweat. not angry or mad at JBoices, was excited when I first heard about it, but now I'm just waiting for a fancam or something of his body. I bet it's whiter than milk. I bet he has packs - that's what some said. I bet it's totally worth it, even if it's just a glance. just to know, ya know. sigh. 

why is no one updating their blogs I feel lifeless sigh.

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