Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well just some random updates.

#nowreading I've been trying to get to it for awhile now, ever since like last year people had been talking bout The Hunger Games Trilogy. Iman N, Dina, Xueh Wei, and Nadhrah had been fangirling on her blog a lot. I mean I already watched the freaking trailer lol. But because I don't want to be one of those 'mainstream' people who're just waiting for the movie, much like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson (seriously I'm starting to give up waiting for the next movie. I might just start reading the books and imagine them as Logan Lerman). 

Truthfully, I understand why people can't put this book down. I'm both scared to get to the when they have to kill each other (especially Katniss and Peeta, they are so cute) but I'm also loving all the detail she's putting into how the 'future' of North America will look like. I might just grab a map whenever she starts telling what the districts used to be called. But what I don't like is my speed =__=" just call me the slowest reader that ever considered reading a book this thick. The thickest books I've read was like Vampire Diaries (don't judge, it was new then so I just gave it a try) and maybe books by Sarah Dessen. 

lol I don't know why but I love it when someone sees me bringing the book around and suddenly goes 'Hey, you're finally reading it!' and I'm like yeah, finally.

#nowwatching Currently downloading Running Man episode 79. Ain keeps pressing on all of us how awesome Running Man is. my first impression when I watched the episode with SNSD at the sleepover was that I don't know any of them other than that grasshopper guy. the tasks seem really hard and I get annoyed easily when they have to do it over and over again. but hopefully this one is a bit better. Ain said the concept was Sherlock Holmes, and they played the whole thing on a cruise ship so. sounds interesting enough.

also I'm gonna download Pit-a-Pit Shake after this. it has Joon so hopefully it's interesting XD the teaser looked really funny. I love Joon's variety shows. he is hilarious. MBLAQ shows are always funny. they're great entertainers. their Hello Baby seems really cute too :3 the love-hate relationship between Leo and Joon & Lauren and Seungho is so cute. but I'm not planning to watch the whole thing =__=" 
too many things to watch. I'm also waiting for Boyfriend's W Academy subs. also waiting for B1A4's Sesame Player subs. then I queued all the TA-DAH!s too like MYNAME and B.A.P.'s (maybe I should delete MYNAME's. I only wanted to watch all the SeJin parts anyway. I heard they kissed or something lol.

#nowlistening since I don't wanna waste my phone's battery for music (saving it for homework time) I'm listening to the songs I haven't put into my phone, which are Vocaloid songs actually :) I asked Eva to recommend a few and she listed a bunch of them. out of all those I only liked three.. gomen ne, Eva-chan. watashi wa Double Lariat mo, Tori no Uta mo, Jinsei Reset Button ga sukidesu. mo, Truth + Lies desu. I found it myself from browsing through your list. truthfully I don't really like those where the vocals sound very obvious that they're not human, like Magikata no Chou's starting scared the s--- outta me. instrumental sounds like Double Lariat's are nice :)

please correct my Japanese if I'm mistaken T__T

other complications, well I promised my mom I would only spend RM 200 of my PMR money for K-POP stuff but I'm not really sure what I should buy. I'm not gonna rant on the things I want and list down every pro and con here, I have to finish off Running Man then practice piano then lipat baju before 6.30 so I'm just asking for a Boice or a sensible person with some extra time to help me out here T_T 

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