Friday, March 9, 2012

after-math... sort of?

Kay so Monday I stayed back with the girls (minus Ida, since originally we were gonna discuss Bio) and we were hushed a few times at the surau for making noise. we can't help it, Ili keeps butting in when someone's trying to explain. we were studying Chemistry first, and our success was to help Shahira understand (Y). then started Agama. it was a typical Ika-ask-we-answer session.

the next day I loved how Chemistry wasn't half bad. I actually was okay with Agama, except for two questions which I struggled with till the end. apparently the bullet I shot for one of it hit the target haha. shooting bullets like a pro. English... how was English? okay kut?

by the time we finished our last paper that day, Encik Alias came to talk to us. he was talking bout how the teachers agree that the batch above ours (the '95 batch) was the best batch of Sri Aman. so he challenged us. since we didn't get to beat them with our PMR results, he wants us to beat them with our SPM results - be better than them.
I could be my usual self and be like "oh teacher is saying that so that we'll study more and get better grades~" but since I can relate - I had always looked up to the '95 batch of SA, I've always thought they're really cool and smart - I guess I took up En. Alias's challenge.

that day we stayed back to study Sejarah and Bio but... by 4 everyone was lying on their backs, just reading our own textbooks, occasionally talking bout irrelevant stuff. most of them said it's cuz Ili wasn't there - the attendance was the same as yesterday, except Ili was replaced with Ida - I couldn't disagree more. it was just that they were factual subjects - just needs a lot of reading. that night I slept at 9.30 and woke up at 1.30 to study - with a laptop next to me. if not I'm sure I would've slept after a few minutes. I went to sleep at 5.30am that day. despite the short sleep, I had an interesting dream that included J. Hutch and B.A.P. (Y)

Sejarah paper.. I know I'll pass, if I fail I will cry for sure but I'm not aiming for A.. never.. Biology was okay, actually. same rating with Chemistry - 7.5/10. BM, I was so sure I wouldn't have enough time by the time I finished my Rumusan, I just crapped for the other questions. I even got about ten minutes to draw Jongup, Jonghyun and Sandeul at the back of the paper.
Starting from that day, I was determined to revise everyday. the only way to ace it, really.
only four of us stayed back that day - Aina, Ili and Ida were absent. we made it, though. discussed a bit about  measurements for Physics than started with a bunch of AddM questions Pn. Evelyn gave 4SM students. was actually satisfied with our product that day.
that night Ika called me to tell me that SOR-POR was coming out and f(x) weren't. I almost died. thankfully she told me then, but I was worried bout Ain and Shahira.

the next day Physics was better than expected, but a bit harder than Chem and Bio - I give it a 7/10 - but Ika was really upset about how she did. really, I think she did just as bad as I did for my Sejarah paper but I guess she didn't see it coming. during recess I didn't even see any of the girls. was AddM was also not as hard as expected. I think I almost killed myself for ModM though. I was really stupid. so, so stupid. sigh. whatever. do, do do, dodemoi desu-yo~!
so that afternoon I watched Howl's Moving Castle. that night I watched Hello Baby MBLAQ Ep.2. what's Sivik?

today was rather boring. but I started off with my novel again - Fishing on a Rainy Day. trying to finish it by this year. I really, really wanna get it published. I dunno I feel like I've gone so far I don't want this to fail. I let the new girl in my class, Aina to read it and she said it was kinda slow - like nothing is happening yet - but the characters are keeping it interesting (thank you, dear friends who have inspired me!! shall I list them? Eva, YenF, Lavynia, Iman!!! when it publishes, I swear I'll get you guys to take a picture with me for the newspaper muahaha) (yes that was me daydreaming about getting published again) and the only grammar mistake is when I mess up the tenses. it's okay, I'll edit a lot when I start typing it out! when it's finished, of course.

so I've been trying to plan for a Hubble gathering for this March holidays. everybody seems to be busy. have too many things to get done, have no idea when to slit in a night where everyone can gather and just hang out, fangirl and discuss the latest comebacks.

seriously though, this March is comeback month, practically. CNBLUE's coming back with their 3rd mini. just noticed it's gonna be B1A4's 3rd mini too next Friday! SHINee's coming back - finally. heard rumours their mini is gonna be called 'Sherlock' (Y) sigh. really anticipating!!
Tomorrow, somewhere in the morning CNBLUE's gonna be rocking out at LA with FT Island. jealous of LA Boices. saw fancams the other day at the airport. really, they were all so quiet - their fangirling consisted of whimpers of 'Oppa, oppa~' why do I have a feeling most international Boices are like this? XD only KBoices scream, I think. JBoices lagi la. entah-entah tak datang pun airport haha.

well. CNBLUE's gonna come to Malaysia next - RIGHT?? heard rumours Boyfriend is coming in May. hope it's true T T

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