Saturday, March 3, 2012

amudo mollae saenggakhae.

because I'm in a romantic mood.


with my unfinished piano homework next to me, I come here totally unprepared for the week coming.

teachers made a lot of revisions, so basically I understand my physics, add-maths and chemistry. I still need to read up my Sejarah, Agama and Biology. I'm staying back on Monday with Hubble to study Bio, since Aina asked for help. BM and BI... I'm just shooting bullets everywhere.

so today I went to a play with my Literature class. it was a de-mystified version of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, and it was actually kinda interesting :D I mean I wasn't familiar to old English, but through the play it's much easier to understand. I really did try reading old English before but I didn't understand anything XD the whole experience wasn't like, amazingly fun or anything, since I was an awkward penguin around everyone but ya know at least I've gone to KLPac once now. (Y)

well I was watching a Kevjumba video about his dad when suddenly I see that he has a Facebook page and I'm just like hey omg I need to like that since he's like my favourite in the Wong Fu Productions thingy. or of sorts and so the first page it redirected me to after I liked it had this:

and I'm just like;


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