Monday, March 26, 2012

better day.

there are days where it's just simply better. but that doesn't mean it's perfect.

please click here and read the beautiful fan-fic.

When I first saw it was out, my parents were around to ruin the moment and start talking about SPM.
thank you, parents, for not being able to see me fangirl once in awhile.
yes, I know SPM is hard, dad, and okay, I will sit with you and study BM. okay mom, I won't slack off this year just because I'm in form 4. yes, okay, I'll start studying from now.


so the video :DD

I wasn't expecting anything big, but as usual, CNBLUE is always coming up with small ventures. Oetoriya, loners getting together as a band. LOVE, a band turning a crowd from down-in-the-dumps to happy-go-lucky, hippie-head-bopping people. Intuition, a badass, vandalizing, guard pushing, building trespassing band. LOVE GIRL, a bunch of poster-jumping stalkers. and now, with Hey You? Just a really popular band busy with their schedules haha. I guess it's sort of the same standard with LOVE, for it's simplicity of plot.

The song was given; as usual FNC won't actually let CNBLUE have their own song as title track for Korean albums haha. duhh. Koreans always like the digital tracks. but the rest of the album (which includes a Korean version of In My Head and the previous music video release track, Still in Love) was written, if not co-written by themselves :)
Dream Boy is especially my favourite. not only is the music wonderfully laid back, pop rock and the lighter side of them, but the lyrics also doesn't talk about love - it's about dreams. I feel like when they say "Reach out your hands, let's fly together to the sky" (or something of that sort) I feel like they're talking to all their fans - let's go to the skies together, reaching our dreams together. and notice the "Peterpan" mentioned haha.
Rock n' Roll and Run are more fast-beat, very semangated. I feel like if they play this in concerts everyone will be dancing and bopping their heads, waving their lightsticks.
Dammit why do I love these boys and their music so much.

on a different topic, I also heard Biebster's song. erks. okay gak actually haha. I've never been a hater, I hope you all know that. why do I have a feeling I never hate any groups? they're all innocent, what's stupid are tabloids and their effing recording companies.
on an even more random topic,

I think I should sleep now. Is reminiscing with my brother through Facebook healthy?
Out... sort of


my blog is hilarious.

beloved okay!

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