Thursday, March 22, 2012

cough cough.


Recently, my most common word used is "koff".
No I'm not being sarcastic. It's sad that I've beeen coughing since before the holidays and I just went to see the doctor today. He said I'm healing already lol. A bit too late I guess. Well better than waiting until it gets worse, right?

well SHINee's back with.. I'm not sure if it's Sherlock or clue+note lol. well maybe it's both.

Definitely happy to see they didn't have the crazy look in full. It looked cool between the sophisticated look they wore for the concept, so I'm defnitely okay with this music video. Very sure Simon and Martina has loads to say about this lol. pedonoona being one of things mentioned, for sure. Jessica, I'm looking at you.
The song's not bad either. And the choreography, as usual for SHINee, awesome. Hmm, yet another hit by SHINee~ congrats SM, you manage to live up to your status..


But I gotta say, I can't wait mostly for this:

No quality, but it is a teaser. Sigh. I see Jonghyun singing. Seriously can't wait. dugeun dugeun.


so recently there's this new girl in school who's in Ida's class. her name's Dania and she likes K-POP, mostly Big Bang. I asked if she liked CNBLUE, she said no. she likes mostly like 2PM and and well maybe those are her top ones. she doesn't even like BEAST and MBLAQ much. I guess I minded at first, but later on she was kinda open to us talking about Korean shows and all. I mean she watches Running Man. so I guess she watches all that too but she just doesn't like the music by the artists I like (I even mentioned B1A4 and B.A.P., and she says she likes SHINee so-so).

There's a lot of things going on, like for the past two days my parents brought me out for dinner to malls (yes, not Section 8, I'm thankful for that but not two nights in a row) and I couldn't go online. I only waited for teasers through my phone's YouTube and kept tweeting crap. the only way to satisfy my daily need of 1 hour online dosage.

Dear Parents,
I need a min 1 hour max 2 hours of the laptop every night, or else the next time I get it I'll engulf it for more than 5 hours, I swear.
Like tonight. Do you really expect me to sleep before 12 what with my homework still undone?

I brought another CNBLUE concert DVD on the first night, costing 26.90 (it's not original, for sure) which made me feel a slight pang of regret later but whatever. Imagine the t-shirt Shahira spent *insertunbelievableamounthere* on. I just wonder if that girl has a sense of loss.. maybe not to money because her grandma practically sweats it XD

anyway so that night Khairun asked me if I wanted to go see THG. of course I wanted to go see! so the next day I asked the girls, but at the same time Shahira told us about SNSD's free concert of Friday at KLCC. Of course we wanted to go, it's effing free. so that night told Khairun about it. also asked my mom and she said she'd rather let me see the movie. the next day I asked the girls and none of them could see the movie. oh shiat I forgot to ask one of them. and shiat again, I didn't tell Khairun yet.. but it's okay, she'd probably be disappointed anyway. will try to convince them before breaking Khairun's heart >'(

so I have a bunch of Bio things to do, ionic compounds to memorize, English oral to finish, piano homework still undone, piano had been left lonely throughout the whole week. had been tiring, staying back all the time. finally get a break tomorrow, I think I'll try to finish up stuff by Friday and just concentrate on Bio module, English oral and practicing piano on Saturday, Sat night will watch the concert DVD, Sunday afternoon is THG (if I go) then that night I'm planning to watch Barbie Princess and the Pauper.. for old times sake. I remember when Ika and I were in love with it and would sing the songs together through the phone. we were like, nine. I miss those times when we had no worries.

well that's all for this week (unless CNBLUE's music video comes out, then another review has to be done :P).

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