Sunday, March 18, 2012

head-on spam.

Serious crap, Square Enix keeps making games using different game consoles, it's annoying.

but trust me, when I grow up to be a successful person, I'll buy all the game consoles I need to play every single game they published!!!
And that's dream #1 of "When I Grow Up".


Taemin's not a girl! Yay!


first time I watched NU'EST's video. sorry but I'm not interested in anymore underrated groups until the day my friends talk about them and I'm lost. that will be the day I care.
the song's not bad though. and the video's filled with a bunch of cute guys I'd date. only, not the actual members themselves lol. I meant the people from the story.


they never disappoint, do they?
I had a thought, but I pushed it away, trying to avoid anymore disappointments, but here they are, bringing back hope to me.
Teasers. Fucking. Teasers.

I'm sorry for the cursing, I don't usually do that but tonight was so sexually oriented I can't even.


B.A.P. spam. Starting off with this - like I said, it has been a very dirty night for me.
But I'm just posting this one because I find it hilarious instead of a turn on lol. daebak. thumbs up to whoever that thought of this (Y).

Daehyun, the blond Asian who's sexy and knows it.
and no, I don't ship DaeJong or DaeUp or JongDae or whatever. I just ship all of them together lol.
when you think of Daehyun with Jongup, you'll think of Youngjae with Daehyun and Jongup with Himchan.
Then you think of Himchan with Zelo then Zelo with Yongguk. It's just a jumble of OTPs, there's no real on except B.A.P.XBaby.

last spam, Himchan's embarrassing pants.

Seriously, at first I thought Himchan's a bias wrecker, but now I just want him as my little teddy bear that I keep in my room and talk with when I get home from school. If he'd come to me in my Domo bear YenF gave me like that teddy in Bleach, I would be very satisfied.

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