Monday, March 5, 2012

just some picture spam - to distress lol.

"That much Guilt doesn't come without Love."
- House, Season 5

<( Just some sexy B.A.P. GIF's. Cuz I'm so crazy over them right now.)

"you know secret?"

dammit I wish I was Daehyun.

why do I keep forgetting this kid is 5 months younger than me?
you sexy beast you. rawwr

"Jongup trying to get rid of post-its"

"Jongup trying to make Zelo laugh"

"Fan found Jongup in supermarket"

...sorry that was lame haha.
it's because Jongup once said that he thinks he's manly, and when the interviewer ask which part of him is manly he answers "Cheetos".
that's irrelevant Jongdown for you.

well, good luck for the March exams! May your ovaries be healed by Friday!

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