Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Korean talk.

when you see it.

So I actually wanted to do this yesterday but I thought the future talk was already long and exhausting enough so I'll just write it now.

so yesterday I've decided to stop with the drama ridiculousness. I don't need it. at least, not now. I shouldn't be so serious about it and stop trying so hard to find a way to watch it when I should also be thinking about the time to watch it. so, no 49 Days, no Pasta, and no Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I don't need it. I can watch it when I'm retired or when I have nothing better to do later in the future (which I hope won't come, I don't wanna sit in front of the laptop or TV all day when I'm a grown up) like my aunt who's 60. I'm 16. I should be doing better things.

but I've decided to make an exception for my Korean guys. sorry I wanted to put idols but I thought better. I shouldn't be idolizing these people too much. So I'll probably wait for Dream High 2 and Shut Up Flower Boy Band to finish until I find the time to watch it online (I'm getting a bit lazy waiting for downloads when my internet is fast enough for streaming, practically). Also, I'm really restraining myself from fangirling right now, but Jonghyun's gonna be in a drama <3 A Gentleman's Dignity. It's gonna show on SBS in May. Minhyuk's in a drama too. KBS, called My Husband Got A Family. I'm excited. so reserving these four dramas for the holidays <3 yes I'm planning way ahead.

should I start talking about comebacks? Hmm I'll just review them separately. so, B1A4's back with their first album (sorry, my mistake the last time!) Ignition. Currently listening to it and I'm loving every track up to track 3 lol. below is the music video ;

kay I don't like track #4 haha. okay it's turning out quite okay actually. the starting was a bit off because of the amount of auto-tuning they did on Channie's voice rawr.

anyway back to the MV. so I loved the starting. totally hot. but see I was watching it with earphones on, and we all know how detail earphones are so I started to notice the amount of auto-tuning and I got angry. They have beautiful voices. Sandeul's listed as one of Korea's top 17 vocalist. why did his voice turn out like that? I hate these type of digital songs that alter the singer's voices. if you listen to the rest of the album you'll love Jinyoung and Sandeul's voice, sincerely. that screaming part sounded so fake, I didn't like it. (ah I'm listening to Baro's solo with MissA's Min. very zen. unexpected haha.)

but I guess that's just the voices. otherwise the music is, as usual, immediately addictive. I like it more than Beautiful Target, at least it's much more serious and I liked how Sandeul looked (rawrr I will always like how Sandeul looks so I guess this statement is pointless) So I guess I'm much more A-okay with this song :) but, as usual, debut songs always make a first impression so I still like OK best haha.
this goes the same for CNBLUE's Oetoriya and SHINee's Replay. I have a feeling it'll be the same with B.A.P. too (Y)

as for the album tracks, I can feel how much they've grown. They've definitely turned more mature, with around 3-4 slow songs (depends on how slow a song should be to be considered ballad) (I'm melting from Sandeul's solo~~<3) and two can-be-considered-as-maybe club songs, and the rest are just a bundle of fun; exactly what they are.

so that's all for tonight's Korean Talk~ there'll be more with CNBLUE's Ear Fun and SHINee's Sherlock so stay tuned!

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