Saturday, March 17, 2012

still loving you.

dammit doing everything while listening to Unbreakable is just so damn awesome. I feel on top of the world~!


well lets start with this personality test Ika promoted on Twitter. It's the Myers Briggs Test, which you can take here and then just Google your letters for more information on your personality. I got INTP, also known as the Introverted Thinker. at, I'm known as The Thinker. summarized, I can say that I'm a person who looks at things from a logical angle.

Words like "absent-minded professors", "dreamy and distant", "flexible in most situations", "overly critical and sarcastic", "very independent, unconventional and original" attracted me. I feel like the main problem of ITNPs  are to sense others emotions, but I don't know. I mean I think I can detect my mom's emotions. Just, sometimes I want to be selfish too.
Then I went to Careers for INTP Personality and INTP Relationships.

man, did I get a good laugh.
my possible careers:
  • Scientists - especially Physics, Chemistry
  • Photographers
  • Strategic Planners
  • Mathematicians
  • University Professors
  • Computer Programmers, Systems Analysts, Computer Animation and Computer Specialists
  • Technical Writers
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers / Attorneys
  • Judges
  • Forensic Research
  • Forestry and Park Rangers

Hmm. Scientist is on top of the list, huh? what a coincidence that I was talking about potential a few days back.but then there're some general traits that I have to agree with:

  • Love theory and abstract ideas
  • Work best alone, and value autonomy
  • Have no desire to lead or follow
  • Dislike mundane detail
lol. then the relationship... I have a very dirty mind, I tell you. Just... if you're interested, you can check out mine yourself haha. I find it kinda personal. but my natural partner is a ENTJ or ESTJ. ENTJ seems a bit too dominant, like he's a leader and like the above says, I have no desire to lead or follow. but ESTJ.. I'm afraid if I'll get into a fight with them too easily, trying to stand with my ways. so if you're either one, I JUST FOUND MY LOVE~ haha. quoted B1A4.


so, CNBLUE's Still Loving You.

cutie Minhyuk everywhere, ruining everyone's bias list I tell you...

Thing is, this is a totally different concept from what they did in their first three title tracks. I was expecting something strong and catchy, and this is totally the opposite of it. It's smooth and melodic. Not that I don't like it, heck Yonghwa always write good title songs. I totally praise his work. Only I hope they won't be expecting this to be a chart topper like I'm a Loner. Although I have no real say in it, people might really love it (like I do) but still, there's so many other catchy songs going around from even more popular artists, I think (this is just my opinion, it doesn't mean I don't support CNBLUE) it won't be able to compete.

but that's popularity wise. like, it probably won't win every music show out there, but the quality of the song is just plain awesome. original, simple, sweet. I'll be expecting from the rest of the album! hehe.
The music video is really simple too. no more action, world changing music videos. now it's mostly about the music and the making of it. The climb rather than the destination. sigh. I love this band too much to even look at their imperfection. so I guess that makes me biased and not worthy to review haha.

well this isn't complete since the rest of the album isn't out yet, but I am totally addicted to B1A4's Ignition right now. My favourites are So Fine and Feeling. This Time Is Over is really good too. Please do listen to it! ^^ still waiting for SHINee rawr~ although they uploaded a teaser video its just pictures and cuts from the tracks. the tracks really fit the concept haha. no more comment, go watch it yourself!

P.S, please accept the teaser photos! even if Taemin looks like a girl that's extensions, or maybe even a whole wig cuz they posted another video where Taemin's hair is as short as it had always been.
btw I really, really hate Minho and Onew's hair. been hating guys with curly hair since 1996.

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