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a lot of emotions going on right now.
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I know I shouldn't update randomly and spam you guys with useless stuffsh, but I really have no where else to put all these spazzing moments.
I know I most probably don't have much in common with my readers, except for where we go to school so kill me if I relatively made you read something boring and not understandable.

firstly, most of the girls (Hubble) can make it on Thursday. not all can sleep, but I didn't want all to sleep anyway since my house is so small and lack of privacy and comfort. my house is definitely not like the quintriplets' where there's practically air-conditioning everywhere, but recently I've been cleaning my house a lot. even if it's unnecessary and everyone knows Umar is gonna mess it up again. it's because every time I see mess in my house, I imagine the girls being there right that moment. my status as the most hygienic will not be sustained.

but then when I called everyone to confirm this evening, Khairun didn't answer (although a few days ago she said she would be okay on Thursday, even if she'll be a bit late she can sleepover) and Shahira said she'll be going back to her hometown tomorrow and she's not sure when she'll be back. I know that Shahira isn't really confident on confiding her parents about going out or going to a friend's house; we all knew this ever since Ika's sleepover. I hope she actually told her parents the whole story rather than just asking if they'd be free on Thursday. plus I want to watch SHINee's concert ;____;

talking bout SHINee, three teaser photos from Sherlock came out and well... rrrr well frankly speaking I don't like 'em. Taemin.. Taemin, you don't have abs, okay? therefore you are not worthy of showing your body... yet. then there's their hair which is.... -shivers- okay sorry but I have to agree when people say that they're porn teasers. or maybe that's what SM's aiming for. seducing all the sexually frustrated fans. I don't like Minho's hair, which, don't any of you notice this, but it looks exactly like Onew's O__O Taemin's looks a lot like Lucifer's too.. please don't tell me this is gonna be like ZE:A's case. people like one era of their's and the company decides that they should go on with themes of that sort.

why am I ranting about this. we all know how I'm gonna love their new song anyway. because once a Shawol, always a Shawol.

next, B1A4's teasers. yup, go ahead and release Sandeul's last, as usual >I The world hates me.
Funny thing is, Music Bank already leaked their photos when they were promoting their comeback for next week XD so... lightbulbs, huh? well at least they're in suits.. colorful ones. everyone seeks originality these days.. I didn't like their Beautiful Target teaser photos neither, nor their song, but I ended up loving the rest of the mini haha. so hopefully, this time it won't be so bad.
and I don't see where they fitted this into their schedule!! when the heck did they record this? I heard they dyed their hair like a couple of weeks ago and suddenly the teaser photos are already out, and the MV next Friday. lol wtf? they've been shooting Selca Diary and Kkaeal Player.. B1A4's like, super idol, even before their first album @__@


sorry ahahaha spazzing skfalfja.....

I am so sorry for my fuwifksf
I can't afyewhfb

okay chill, Lynn~~ CHILL CHILL CHILL

okay sorry ehem I was about to talk about CNBLUE's Stand Up Live -controlsfangirlscream- no seriously even from LA I can feel the love. there were so many funny stories that I read from Tumblr fans, like a Primadonna turning into a Boice after the concert and some shitty fans calling another fan not a real fan. then there's Yonghwa. omg Yong XD

*mind they were speaking in English*
Yonghwa: Jungshin, do you know many LA bands?
Jungshin: Yes, many artists~
Yonghwa: Where's my friend Bon Jovi? Where are you? Oh, is that you? Hi~

ahahahah XD Most fancams suggested Jonghyun didn't say much, but I don't mind. saw a lot of pictures of him and his girl guitarfriends and he looked pretty satisfied :") all in all, this makes me wanna go to a CNBLUE concert even more~<3

the thing about FNC boys is that they're not at all organized.. in fact they're probably the messiest family I've ever seen XD
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

so other fangirling crap..


thing about EXO is that there's 12 of 'em so Hubble don't have to fight anymore XD me and Aina are at peace~

the song is awesome, very unlike What is Love :) no matter what Simon says, that song did not change my life at all. this song isn't neither but at least they have like a signature dance (although top comment says they look like they're masturbating, I've decided not to look at it that way.) and like the rap is awesome and everyone is singing and there's a scene where EXO-K and EXO-M are like dancing together and there's like that one part where they fit each other's intro cut into their video (there's EXO-K in EXO-M's video also~) and and Kai was so hot singing without really opening his mouth like I get kinda sick when I see some guys like open their mouth like wide open, it looks so fake when we all know they didn't really sign like that I think Kai's like the universal bias, everyone loves how pretty he looks lol.

this morning my mom asked my brother what he did to the TV and he informed us he was watching P. Ramlee on Youtube and I was like omg I forgot we have YT on HyppTV Interactive! it's kinda hard to search because the remote's really slow, but all in all I enjoyed watching Sungha Jung videos all morning long~ :) loved his Super Mario Theme on the ukulele haha (Y)

well I'm gonna watch B1A4'S Kkaeal Player Ep5 now~! Happy Fangirling!

CNBLUE Lee jong-hyun 2011 Guitar solo from coneble on Vimeo.

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