Thursday, March 1, 2012

a word that starts with 'f'.

..well not really.

to start it off, I have developed such a feeling for Jongup. this is perhaps the same feeling I had for Sandeul around May till October last year, until In My Head came out and my inner Burning Boice soul burst back. (speaking of which, it's playing right now! IN MY HEAD~ I KNOW YOU~) Aina had once again stepped in the way and picked the same bias as me (one day we have to agree on one, who gets Sandeul and who gets Jongup! like seriously!) but I can never give away Jongup, seriously. I guess if I had to choose between the two I'd choose Jongup, because I've fallen in love for all of B1A4, and I still have opinions on the rest of B.A.P. plus Jongup's just too.. too.. I can't say it in one word. he's just plain attractive (to ME!! NA!).

study? what's study?
loljk. I've studies partially of Chem, Agama and Physics. I need to start reading Sejarah or else I'll probably fail that. I don't know what to study for sivik haha. I'll just revise through the others in the last minute. not giving a fu--

wait I had something to talk about just now.

In Agama class, Ustazah told us that when we get married, we should wear sexy clothes at home. She says that it's better that we let our husbands see our sexy rather than other people's sexy. I have to agree with this, and to tell you the truth I can't wait for it.

I'm being completely publicly truthful haha. when Ustazah told us this I started imagining myself in the kitchen, making another marmalade-on-bread, wearing only a tee (and underwear, of course) and Jongup, shirtless would come in and hug me from behind. of course I've seen these type of scenes from a million movies, I can only pretend we're married XD
Jongup asks for a kiss, but instead I feed him some bread.

the sexy beast.

this afternoon I watched episode 6 of Boyfriend's W Academy and man, their hairstyles were perfect~ no more curls~ haha. I've never liked guys with curls >_< They were supposed to take care of kids. there were two, Aleyna and Coen, and the twins and Jeongmin got Aleyna (my biases on the same team, again <3). Aleyna was all over Youngmin, really. wasn't jealous, but was totally shipping them ^^ Aleyna's too cute!
so they were playing hide-and-seek and when Jeongmin found Aleyna, he picked her up and landed her on to the sofa. she was all giggling and he looked like he just used up all his energy XD Jeongmin looked so hot at that moment. guys who are great with kids are always attractive.

the guy in the red box is Jeongmin.

then I started thinking, it would be great to have a husband like that.

thing is, no matter how many times I say Jonghyun's my husband, we're still almost 6 years apart and he'll be nothing more than an oppa to me. I've always wanted him to piggyback ride me, but marrying him? not so. he's not very educated, in the sense he postponed school for music, so I'm picky in that sense.

so then I started thinking if how it'll be like when I actually marry someone. the future.
waking up everyday at 6.30 am to a man I love next to me. wash up, then wake my husband up so that we can pray together. I'll let him sleep while I get ready breakfast. when I'm done I'll get into bed next to him and poke him up. we'll have breakfast, talking about things. we'll get ready for work and dump all the dishes in the sink. we'll carpool to work. during lunch break I'll text him if he has eaten yet. I'll go back home at 5.30 through public transport, clean up and pray when I reach home and start cooking for dinner. husband will come home and I'll let him clean up, then we'll pray Maghrib together. have dinner, talk about work. watch TV, maybe, or anything entertaining. how much further can I go?

I have only two people I can imagine marrying who are not Korean.

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