Sunday, April 22, 2012

because I love them.

I will be spilling all my feels for Hubble today in this post.

you guys might think that I'm a bit too attached or paranoid with Hubble. throughout the holiday, I was thinking stuff like, okay so it was Friday morning and I woke up at 7 something thinking 'my friends should have started their classes now'. on Saturday at 8 I was thinking that MPPH probably just started but all the girls should have met already and Sya would be excited to be in SA again and in awhile they'll go on stage to take their awards. then later that afternoon I was all the gathering's starting soon I wonder if there's any hot guys are the rest of Hubble coming I wonder if it's gonna be awesome and yea stuff like that.

nothing interesting happened in Langkawi. just a lot of realizations. got a lot of thinking time. also a lot of time to go down slides and hurt my nose and eyes and whole face practically. the only exciting thing and yet I have to worry about my period. also met a floating dead frog in the pool that no one used anymore cuz all the bubbly pressure things were plugged out by leaves. and yea.

so I've been thinking about Hubble after SPM a lot lately. we can obviously live without going to the same school. we were pulled together by K-POP, later we just clicked. we talked a lot about each other when we met today at Sya's house. Hubble stuff. if we should take a trip after SPM. maybe move together into an apartment. Ika and Shahira wanted Johor so that if some Korean artist holds a concert in Singapore and not in Malaysia we can still go. but I think that's a bit too far - we need somewhere we're familiar with so that our parents won't be so against it. about the trip, I suggested Singapore too, but then I thought, it's quite costly, and when I mentioned Tioman to mom she said she wouldn't let me go because we'd have to ride a boat there is not through flight (which I highly doubt since it WILL be expensive).

we're thinking independent things. no asking for money from parents. part-time jobs to support us. living with just the eight of us, and maybe Ili as our manager (she'll never be the ninth member - most people think it's because we don't wanna be like SNSD, but me and Ika agree that it's because we want Hubble to be something privileged. like, not just anyone who likes K-POP can join. although I'm sure about half of Hubble wants Ili in). at first I though if Ili was manager she'll sleep in the living room, but Ain and Aina wants to be roommates with Ili. although I think pulling out sticks would be much more fair. I mean, I don't know who  I should pick - truthfully I want either Ika or Shahira, but I don't want to seem biased against the others so. pulling sticks, definitely. plus it would depend on the apartment itself, right?

I asked Kak Ain's opinion on the apartment thing before surfacing the issue with mom because she'll definitely be putting rules up and be questioning me, as if I'm just a kid, I wouldn't really understand stuff like this. and apparently, I am still just a kid.

technically I get the main point - pay the rent and bills, there'll be the food and furniture to handle, then there'll be maintenance a.k.a. constant spring cleaning. but then Kak Ain said finding an apartment that will suit all of us - since there's so many of us from sort-of many places and needs - will be hard, plus most landlords would want a certain period of time for us to stay there, and Kak Ain said commonly they would want us to be there for a year, at least. and I'm here thinking, tell your parents not to worry, it's only until we start our Pre-U and that's like, what, eight to ten months of living together? plus all the moving in involved..

it's complicated, but if it happens, we'll know that whatever Hubble wants to do, we can do.

when we see the other die of though. the fun we'll have. the study groups, the fangirling, the concerts. it'll be so fun. plus nowadays we're starting to lessen up on just having fun and starting to talk about each other and being truthful. it's nice to know what others think of you, and still able to laugh about it.
Awkward Shahira.
Glutton Ain.
who you think is pretty.
how can you describe a person in one word.

we're in one group so all these stuff, we have to be honest and open about it.
I miss them. if we live together, we'd definitely have more of these moments.

p.s, throughout our conversations and laughter, I kept thinking, if there were cameras and directors, and we can act naturally like this, a lot of people would watch that show, wouldn't they?
if we were in Strong Heart, there'll definitely be a lot of hits. the whole studio would laugh. if only we actually spoke Korean XD

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