Monday, April 23, 2012

chanyeollie - second bias.

on Sunday, Shahira kept promoting Sehun and he really isn't my type. I'll admit, he's good looking but he has the same expression almost all the time.
I fell for Baekhyun ever since History, and in the showcase I fell for him even more but recently he seems very tired and he didn't look very excited in the fancams of him during their fanmeet.
on the other hand, Chanyeollie is super duper cute. I loved that Sweet Chanyeollie fancam and in the first one, BAEKYEOL <3 I totally ship these two. plus Chanyeol's voice is so deep and the song Two Moons in their MAMA album, sang/rapped mostly by Chanyeol, is really awesome. he's really adorable, even if his smile is kinda freaky sometimes.

plus he twitches a lot.

so, I'm currently not at school because I'm sick. last night I went to see a doctor and this doctor was kinda pervy don't need to explain any further. we all know what type doctor this is. so my temperature was as high as 39.5 degree C and the doctor gave me super strong antibiotics and the total cost like, 75 bucks. kesian my dad. so at 3am last night I drank a lot of water because I couldn't sleep and the doctor told me to so this morning I woke up with my temperature definitely a lot lower. now my throat's still kinda sore and I'm not fully recovered yet, but I'm sure I'll make it to come for sukantara tomorrow.

but seriously, I wonder how I couldn't tell how bad my fever really was yesterday. the senamrobik was okay, I mean I already felt kinda sick since the night before but I had Panadol in the morning so I thought I'd be okay. the later after recess we had two free periods and the first was filled with me, Nurin and Ika arguing about what the school should do with their money. later Ika just dozed off because of all the stress she was going through. when Nuryn and Nurin left I slept too, because it's tiring to have a 'debative' conversation. but then when Pn. Chan called us to the BKB for relief I continued sleeping while Ika and Alysha either studied or had a conversation about how stressful it'll be for Ika for the next few weeks. when I woke up for add-maths, Ika had left me alone and sat next to Alysha. she probably found me boring, since I was sleeping all the time. didn't change how pissed I was.

I didn't go for lunch, slept outside of class before it was opened for Japanese. when it did open, I slept inside the class. during Jap I would be semangated and stuff but then I'd get too tired and doze-off. decided I should skip Blue House practice, borrowed coins from Yen Fern and called mom. but then she was engaged so I called my bro. I didn't know what happened but no one came so after 20 minutes I used the other ten cents to call mom but her volume was probably down and she couldn't hear me. by 5, I was dozing off at the bus stop.

not wanting the public to see me in that condition, I went to the gallery to wait until 6. at least it was cooler there, because I was dehydrating at the bus stop. dozed off there too. later I slept in the car too and I know I looked stupid but whatever, I'm fucking sick. dropped in the living room and stripped off my tudung. slept, again. really I was so tired. it's a miracle I'm not still sleeping until now. probably shows how much I've recovered. hmm, I wonder how many hours I slept yesterday until this morning at 8.30. *calculates* roughly 13 hours.
does anyone really care though? doubt it.

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