Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ja, matta.

question :  who was better, EXO or B.A.P?

certified Baby, I answered B.A.P when eatyourkimchi asked this question in their latest review of MAMA. thing is, I really liked both of them. they're both totally awesome and they have like concepts and little secrets that EXO had exposed it all (probably), while B.A.P still has some secrets to expose (like the bunnies and their hair colour when they comeback). so far 2012 had been overwhelming with groups debuting practically every month (B.A.P in January, Nu'est in February, BTOB in March and EXO in April) and there's word that YG and JYP will be debuting their trainee groups too. if Nu'est and BTOB are rivals, B.A.P are rivals with EXO then these two will probably be rivals too. it's all funny, really. and interesting too. :>

I really wonder what it would be like if B.A.P and EXO really met on a battle field. B.A.P would have hammers, Jongup cracking his fingers. they'd be smudged with dirt, smirking at their opponents playfully.
'So, super powers huh?' Yongguk would say, taking his place at the front of the group as leader. 'Nice shiny pants,' he nods. 'Very... fabulous.'

Suho would come out from his crowd of handsome boys, his face serious as usual. While B.A.P was manly and strongly built, EXO was more tall and slim. (except for Baekhyun and D.O.,and B.A.P's exception is Zelo haha) They would be unarmed - other than their charms that gives them their power. 'If you really want blond hairs, we could always bleach it for you guys.' as if on cue, Chanyeol's phoenix roars up in a blinding fire that burns like the sun.  Zelo squinted a little, but held his stance.

'Nice birdie, are you selling it? I'll pay ten won for the pigeon,' Himchan smirked.

Chanyeol didn't hesitate and went to give the blonde flower boy a punch, but Suho held him back. 'Let it go.' Himchan chuckled.

Yongguk came to Suho and looked him straight in the eye, their faces not two inches away from each other. 'Look, pretty boy. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Earth is ours. We're conquering it. Go and play on Pluto or something.'

'I'm sorry, but this cannot be helped. Earth has the most resources of power, therefore we will not budge.'

Yongguk shrugged. 'If you want it that way.' without warning he held up his hammer that sized as big as a car engine and weighed more than a horse. his veins popping on his arms, the hammer hit the side of Suho's body and flung him to the side. Chanyeol was unable to control his anger anymore. as if from one body, his phoenix flew pass his owner straight to hit Himchan in the guts, pushing him off his feet. Youngjae looked back to see his hyung thirty meters away. suddenly he felt someone poking his chest. he turned back around for Kai to land a good punch on his face before he suddenly disappears and reappear again behind the boy with high cheekbones. he poked Youngjae again, which foolish made him turn around, and Kai gave another punch on his gut.

Jongup, quick on grasping what was going on ran towards Baekhyun who shone light from his palms on Jongup's face. He avoided it, and slickly gave Baekhyun a flick on his nose. The boy with eyeliner drawn held his nose yelling 'What the hell, man?' Jongup only laughed playfully. That's when D.O decided to give the boy a nudge. He stomped his foot and the earth below him raised like a wave, running toward the boy. Jongup lost control of his footing and got rolled away by the wave, his body constantly hit by rocks. Zelo swung his hammer on the side of D.O's head from behind, causing him to lose ability to control his wave. It knocks over Yongguk instead, who was battling Suho and his ball of water, that had been threatening Yongguk's hammer by slicing it bit by bit during battle, causing it to shrink.

Daehyun just stares on at the fights. From behind, Sehun appears with an orange butterfly on his shoulder. He didn't attack. He came next to Daehyun and watched with him. Daehyun, noticing his existence, removes his mask slightly to talk.

'So this is how a war is like.'

'Yes, it must be.'

'You want to join in?' Daehyun asks, swinging his hammer into the air, then catching it back again as it falls.

'Well, I must fight for my home planet,' Sehun says, not amused by Daehyun's act. His butterfly floated away, while a tornado quietly forms behind him, slowly increasing in size.

And that's how a war starts.

from left : Chanyeol, Kai, Suho, D.O, Sehun, Baekhyun.

from left: Yongguk, Daehyun, Youngjae, Zelo, Himchan, Jongup.


My school got another career exhibition today. not amused. they keep promoting practically the same thing over and over again. it never helps with what I would actually become in the future.
I wanna go to Japan. I really do. but why go all the way there to study journalism? yes Hafizah I was listening. I've heard it a million times from my parents. it's not really something to be proud of as the one and only daughter of a lecturer and lawyer, now is it? plus, I'm the last one. I'm their only hope. the other too messed their lives. I can't mess up mine. for my parents, I won't.

p.s, I asked Kak Ain to watch both videos. She liked MAMA better, because she kinda got a headache from watching Warrior. I guess it was wrong for me to ask which video she liked better. lol why am I so upset Warrior lost? I love both of them.. ><"

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