Thursday, April 19, 2012

langkawi for cracks.

because Fern was asking for it.

Well there ain't much to talk about other than how pissed I am at my dad's department at his university. The reason I'm going to Langkawi in a few hours and arrive back here on Saturday at night is because they were supposed to have a Family Day. mind, I used the word supposed to. they were gonna ride a bus there, but since we have Umar and Haris we decided to just take a flight there instead. but apparently, they fucking cancelled it. and we already booked RM1500 worth of flight tickets.

so everyone who was planning to go (which is everyone in my family except Bakmal) is going today to Langkawi, for no apparent reason. my mom had meetings, my dad has class on Saturday and I have three events that I'll miss on Saturday. and that's excluding actual school that I have to attend to.

so yeah. I can't be anymore pissed, nor will being pissed bring me any luck of actually avoiding this forced holiday to attend all three events that will be held on Saturday so. moving on.

a lot of feelings recently. B.A.P's coming back next week. they already posted two teaser photos, I'm not sure if Daehyun and Yongjae's is out yet. Jongup and Himchan has black hair now. I think Yongguk and Zelo stayed blonde, but Zelo's hair is no longer curly and it's slightly shorter. okay I saw DaeJae's teaser photo. damn creepy la wei diorang ni XD can't wait though. I hope the song's good.
then there's EXO who's EVERYWHERE. i cannot avoid them. I solemnly swear that I won't turn into an Exotic. but I'm totally shipping BaekYeol, even if Baekhyun's my bias. their height contrast makes it all even cuter!! (refer above GIF)

then there's real life feels like that boy on Twitter than J. finally hugged her today. I guess I should thank my dad's department for that because I was using 'leaving to Langkawi, won't be spending weekends with you guys' as an excuse just to see how she'd react. haha. I don't know how to explain how she reacted though. maybe it was too quick. maybe her hands were too full to hug me back. but yea. I did it.

then there's stress from exam and weirdly forever procrastinated homework. I can't even manage to practice the piano. sorry teacher, you can only depend on me to finish up my theory.. tu pun because the exam's coming soon.. I think the theory exam is gonna be in between the school exam @_@ can you believe it. what is this even I don't know.

and yea. that's it. just full of feels.

to J.

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