Sunday, April 15, 2012


why do I start my posts with weird k-pop macros

so I've been keeping myself busy recently. there was Holes, and that was a success I guess. worked hard enough, was happy enough. I don't think I was in any loss, since I didn't really fall back on homework (classes, maybe though) but I didn't really gain that much neither. Well I did gain the knowledge of putting Baekhyun as my screen-lock picture though. and got some selcas that might be useful in the future since I don't have many good selcas.

I also gained blisters yay. it really hurts, but I guess it was worse before when it was hard just to shower. now it's kinda swollen though.

other than that, my mom's birthday was last Friday and well.. the present I bought her came on that day XD I already told her by then though, that I bought her something online and it hasn't arrived yet. it was only because I didn't want her to spend the day feeling down because her daughter didn't give her anything. later when she got the necklace she didn't really look as happy as I expected but I guess she's already happy with everything else Ayah bought her. Ayah should really give us the limelight sometimes. but then again, he's the one with all the money so.
we had dinner Friday night as a steamboat seafood restaurant. everyone was kinda quiet. hmm I should post some pictures we took. at least, the ones that I look okay in.

It's kinda dark but you get the idea. 

so yeah. I don't know. I guess printing the t-shirts myself would mean a lot of hard work and time consumed. plus it'll be more quality. I wonder if it's worth ten bucks to just ask someone to do it for me. plus now.. nah nah I won't do an EXO shirt lol. what am I thinking @___@ if there was a specific Baekhyun symbol (which technically, there is, it's just that no one's drew it out clearly yet) then I'd so make a Baekhyun tee. btw Baekhyun's fans are called Sparklers, because of his 'light' powers.
Am I sparkling yet?
so if I want to make four (not including Maria's) tees, it's be RM140. ... I mean, I won't even buy normal t-shirts in Jusco that cost more than 15 bucks - cuz there's just tees.
But then again these are custom made. so if I want to print a tee, I should at least fill it up with stuffsh rather than printing out a simple tee that doesn't even need a lot of printing work. cuz it's a fixed price.

I miss Hubble. hope they miss me as much as I miss them.

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