Friday, April 6, 2012

what if it's always there in my mind.

what if she stalks this blog and uses it to ruin my life.
what if she stalks my Twitter too.
what if she knows everything that's going on in my life and decides to use it to manipulate my life because she hates me for what I've done.
what if she's there to read this post too, and discovers that she's been figured out, but does nothing about it so that it won't be obvious.
what if she's secretly an evil genius.
what if my life will never be the same again if I don't leave this room when my mom tells me she's going.
what if I'm just that angry at her.
what if the only boy that can make me smile right now (who's not Korean) is in love. with someone else.
what if I'm not in love with him neither, but I need him to survive.
what if he reads this blog too.
what if my special someone is going to the gathering and I won't be there to meet him.
what if I die before any of this is answered.
what if my parents die before any of this answered.
what if it wouldn't matter anymore, because my parents are gone.
what if I was to go downstairs right now and apologize to my mom.
what if she completely ignores me.
what if she acknowledges it and we'd be okay again.
what if we always get better again, but she never really got better herself.
what if I have no solution to that.

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band FMV competition.

No.3 goes to :

Song is a legend. Perfect for these boys. Full-song editing. A bit messy though.

No.2 goes to :

Cute. Clean. Funny. Why not?

and winner is :

Song is perfect. It makes you feel the bond. Really nice, without giving out any spoilers.
Really, really addicted to this drama I'm telling you.

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