Friday, May 25, 2012

confessions of a sad fangirl.

#np Lonely in Gorgeous

keeping distracted with Twitter. maybe I should uninstalling the effing thing from my phone. it was the demon to my examination period.
I won't be ranting about each exam, but I will say that I won't be expecting to get exactly the best marks in the form. I guess I can see that a lot of people had trouble getting into the studying mood, and I was one of them, definitely. i don't know. I hope it won't be like this for every exam in form 4. that'll suck for me. although it's already the mid-terms, although it's the mid-year break, I feel like I've learned definitely less than half of the form 4 syllables. which is bad.

#np Nervous - Akiakane

especially Sejarah. mom and dad did ask me whether I needed tuition. what I really need is a break from the distraction which is K-pop. I'm finally blaming them for ruining my academical life. well it's just the truth that I can't hide anymore. it doesn't mean that I'm gonna quit loving these Korean guys forever. Sheryl literally deleted her Tumblr account, which I think is unnecessary. I put mine on hiatus and I didn't touch it unless like, there was Baekhyun's birthday and B.A.P's 100th day, so I posted one or two posts just to inform them I'm alive and still celebrating K-pop.

#np Unhappy Refrain - Hatsune Miku

so how? I tried unfollowing some really distracting Twitter accounts but there's still YouTube and my phone is filled with pictures of Korean guys due to the fact that I couldn't transfer the pictures into the laptop (this caused memory problems too sobs) so I couldn't stop staring at them then yes, Twitter still a distraction. there were times I felt like breaking this phone but it cost my PMR money so before I could throw it to the ground I would put it back to my chest, thinking of my hard work from last year that barely got me the cheapest Android phone available in the market.

#np A Song I'd Like To Sing - Hatsune Miku

in fact the times I put my blogs on hiatus it didn't really help much neither because it didn't make me study or anything. the only possible resolution to this is to be strong and try my best to restrain from getting distracted with cute Korean guys.

so tonight U-Kiss and Block B performed for Hari Belia '12. yes they're breathing the exact same air as we are at this very moment and I can't go see them sobs. truthfully, I didn't mind not being able to go for Hari Belia because I know it's gonna be really crowded but I really wanted to go for Block B's showcase tomorrow but my parents didn't allow me plus no transport. and the fact that it's at Kenanga Mall, KL. where is that even lol. I don't think I've ever passed by there. it's as foreign to me as Paradigm Mall is. so yea. no Korean namjas this holidays neither. <-- saddest kpop fangirl on earth.

#np GUMI - Noising (?)

I just hope luck would be on my side when B.A.P or CNBLUE comes to Malaysia. if they ever come. which hopefully they will sobs please do come I really need to meet you guys serious shit I love you guys so much can I just, like be at least 500 meters from you guys please sobs CNBLUE you guys are the coolest band I have ever seen and I love your passion please sobs come to Malaysia please I wanna see Jonghyun and hear him rape that guitar live please B.A.P you guys were so close and I know you loved Singapore please come to Malaysia you'll love it just as much please sobs I just wanna see you guys dance live please and see Jongup's eye smile live and see how tall Zelo really is for someone my age please sobs if you guys make a fanmeeting that'll be better I wanna high-five Jonguppie sobs

#np Megurine Luka - No Logic
......why do I lead such a sad life?

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