Tuesday, May 1, 2012

exploding events.

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so I haven't been giving 'real' updates recently because my life hadn't been interesting enough like I haven't gotten new albums or anything. all I've been doing is retweet like a bunch of EXO and B.A.P stuff on Twitter and fangirl and save their pictures and watch their performances either streamed live. or on YT, if I didn't manage to catch it live.
I haven't even been on Tumblr much because most of the time I'm not on the laptop, I'm on my phone which is actually distraction enough what with the wi-fi and all. but I guess this is good training for me not to use the laptop when I don't really need it. (but right now it's only because I have a relative option.)

so about studies. I know it's exactly two weeks to mid-term now and I have been trying to study Sejarah. let's admit it though. when we read, we don't really absorb much. but I'm trying. so far I've only studied Sejarah, unlike most of my classmates who had probably covered every subject, just not all the topics. and if they study like Fatihah does in the library, I swear they're practically digging up a grave for me already.
tomorrow I'm just hoping I can finish up my lisan and oral (although I haven't really memorized my oral, so if it''s delayed for a day I'll be fine) and hand in my essay. and this essay... I don't know I guess it won't be what teacher expected lol. It's not inspirational at all.
what else? I'm not exactly dying on any subject due to homework. I guess I should say so for maths, add-m and physics though because I only considered it 'finished' because I left out the questions I don't understand. there's not many, but it's not technically finished now is it? I've decided to ignore this fact though.

about Hubble. we've decided to cancel out the tees. maybe next year, we said, when we don't have an event and we don't have to have everyone's names on it and we'd have more time to really design it with chibis and all (we were planning on requesting from Hana but.. maybe not yet ><" we'll ask later this year so that there'll be more time~). and the Running Man event is starting to sound more like a huge gathering with all the people coming. there's gonna be like, 14 of us which is not very.. erks XD we were used to having less than ten but more than five people. but I guess when people shoot Running Man there wouldn't be only the players, right? the PD, VJ and all - they're all needed, just not seen. problem is, we already have three VJs, but two cameras - and I don't even know if dad's gonna let me use his ><" hmm. that's a whole other problem.
Ili's really getting into planning this Running Man event thing. she's making us cook and holding mini concerts - just because she's supposed to be our manager unnie (she's not even my unnie! she's like, 3 days younger than me). I'm not really complaining I mean of course it'll be fun but there's that question whether she's serious or not and if she is then she should be telling us non-4SM members what's going on. I bet since Shahira sits in front even she doesn't know what's going on. I only knew through Dina.

talking bout Dina. I won't be around for Hari Sukan. I'll be in Australia at that time. 13th June, right? Yea I'll be there from 8th-15th June.
my dad said "Alaa, takpela once in awhile you skip, what's wrong with that?" NO AYAH NO. IT'S NOT ONCE IN AWHILE. I feel like I've been missing out on so much - I didn't go for SFS, not for Sukantara because I was sick, I didn't go for MPPH, Gathering OR Khairun's canteen day.and now I'm missing out on the biggest event ever for anyone who has a heart for their house - SPORTS DAY. it just feels like everything just went >BOOM< . you know, everything falling against each other and in the end they just explode because nothing can stick or work out. then there's also my Japanese exam to worry about, because it'll most probably be after holidays. I used to wish it would, but now I'm wishing it would be before. just, end everything and let me enjoy that two weeks with Hubble before I suffer on the inside all over again, like Langkawi, only worse.

well I guess I should memorize my oral now. g'night.

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