Friday, May 4, 2012

hiatus announcement.

so updates before I announce my hiatus. idk why but I feel like there's too much future talk on my blog and I don't even say much of what happens really in my life. so here goes. -scans through the days-

hmm let's just do this quickly.

  • 2nd May - Ain's birthday. gave her chocolates. sang her Happy Birthday out loud and Saengil Chukhahae softly.
  • 5th May - hiatus starts. only allowed to open Twitter and YT for updates. no watching extras that involve parts and as such. performances on music shows ok. I don't have much on my phone anyway so I guess it just means no laptop.
  • 6th May - Baekhyun's birthday. gonna go to Book Exhibition @PWTC to search for all the books I've wanted since forever but haven't gotten. have to remind myself bout comics and EPOP magazine too. 
  • 8th May - what day is this ah. oh yea the day I'm officially noona-worthy.
  • 11th May - Ili's birthday. dunno what to give her XD I'll make her a funny card lol. I know she'll like it.
  • 13th May - piano grade 6 theory exam @Sunwave Music branch in.. Damansara, I think.
  • 15th May -  war officially starts. Lee Jonghyun's birthday. also, Infinite's comeback with 2nd Invasion. what is life. gonna have to postpone fangirling activities it seems.
  • 20th May - the quintriplets and Aina's birthday. I have no money or time so.. cards it is XD oh wait I have a gigantic SuJu poster I don't want so I'll just give the twins that (Y)
  • 24th May - war officially ends. resume from hiatus here. get ready for updates about exams.
  • 25th May - teacher's concert. they said they wanna go but there's Hari Belia which I think Teen Top is performing on that day so. i dunno maybe we won't go on this day. Khairun's going though.
  • 26th May - busy busy busy. morning we'll go for U-Kiss at Hari Belia then afternoon 3pm we're going for Block B's showcase. imagine from Putrajaya to this unknown hotel @__@ but it's all free yay~ need money for transport and food only. 
  • 2nd June - start of Running Man event. unsure if we'll do the games on this day or the next. whatever it is there's gonna be a sleepover, the games, mini concert and some cooking involved so.
  • 3rd June - end of Running Man event.
  • 8th June - Melbourne, Australia. how arr ya, mate? (man I'm bad at these things)
  • 10th June - flight to Sydney.
  • 11th June - Kak Ain's birthday. so sad that we won't be with her to celebrate it, but I'll be sure to get her something nice!
  • 13th June - Sports Day. yes I'll be missing it. I think I've pointed this out but wtv.
  • 14th June - flight back to Melbourne.
  • 15th June - flight back to Malaysia.

I have no more plans after that. who am I kidding it's packed enough as it is (yea right). I got a whole month ahead of me planned. just pray it all goes smoothly. Amin.


I wrote a story for my essay which we had to end with "that was the best decision I has ever made" and it was kinda fantasy-like and I really wanna know what people think about it. like I hate when people comment "ok" "best" it's like, non-productive. at first when someone says "it's so cool like I actually felt scared" I was happy and all and gave them a hug but now it's just like.. is that really it?
my mom gave me a 7/10, being moms that's what they do, they try to make you better and push you to your best potential which I like. so please, the next person I give my story to, get ready to be as judgmental as possible. I swear I would've given it to Hafizah if Ika wasn't around to tell me it wasn't a good idea. but then i wouldn't want to make her think I look up to her or anything so maybe I did the right thing.

so I found this GIF on Tumblr and it really gave me inspirations for future fantasy stories.

it reminds you of war, right? everyone's fighting. we gotta keep strong. even blue-haired Korean guys. so much feels.
but then I watched the original MV which is F.Cuz's No1 and I'm just like -insertsoundsofbreakingglass- this breaks all fantasies of the GIF. and the guy's hair is actually kinda greenish-grey and yea. but still.
coloured hair really reminds me of fairies or wizards of some sorts. I will never write anything as detailed as Harry Potter ever was since English isn't my first language but these magical delusions fascinate me so much. colours and sparkles, lights coming out of places where it shouldn't like eyes or hands. then, add a few drops of blood and it's definitely my style. although I hate blood, I hate happy-go-lucky stories too.
but vampires and werewolves are overused these days that it brings no amusement anymore. i don't know how to explain it. fairies, mermaids, super humans and element bending - Yes. definitely. wizards and witchcraft - okay. gonna have to be more creative bout it though cuz it's not as simple as shooting stuff out of your hands. vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein - NO.
I guess I sort of like it when you put a twist to something so pretty and elegant into a samurai vs ninja vs pirate vs fangirl blood-thirsty war. makes it all more interesting.

argh oba-san is scolding me for sleeping so late. gomenasai senpai ><


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