Wednesday, May 30, 2012

nothing special.

it's just that, do you talk to other girls like this to? like, are you willing to stay up until 3am to talk to anyone else?
does conversations with other people last for hours like ours does?

it's not that I have any special feeling for you. but you're my only guy friend and you know. you're something different.
and that doesn't mean you're something special, sorry to say. just different.

if I had any other guy friend at all I wouldn't be thinking this but...
what if we really did get together?

I know you'll say "but that's just so wrong, we're friends. close friends, but nothing more."
but haven't it ever crossed your mind at all?
tbh, since we've known each other for so long as if we went to the same secondary school, I don't have much feelings for you neither.

but I do wait. I wait for you to mention me and say something first.
just, sometimes I wish you wouldn't, afraid that whatever we had would be lost. or if I say something wrong or I wouldn't have anything interesting to talk bout and you'll stop talking to me.

I guess I like feeling special. and you make me feel special. although I'm probably not.


it always seems this way. when I feel like someone treats me slightly better than anyone else, I start wanting more attention from that person, while it probably didn't mean much to that person anyway.
battery's starting to run out. that's it, I guess.

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