Sunday, May 13, 2012

what is exam.

hiatus break. shut up.

so that's me throughout the weekends. yay.
simply said, I did not do much and I have no idea whether I regret it or not. even if I read anything I wouldn't know if I actually memorized anything, like before. but finding that mood to actually be absorbent to all these useless facts from my Sejarah notes and reference book (I've given up on the textbook) can be quite, okay no REALLY hard. it's easier to just hold up the book to your face and fall asleep.

so I just came to talk about my grade 6 theory exam today. we headed to Sunwave Music's Bandar Utama branch at roughly 8.50 and arrived just about 15 minutes before the exam starts. since everyone came early (there were literally eight of us) we started the exam at 9.20. the thing about Sunwave is that they waste no time. even the examiner himself was fidgety as he waited for us to finish up.

so before the exam started I scanned through the people. there were three Malays, one Indian and the rest were Chinese. they always arrange the students according to grades so I was placed at the most back. there were two older kids (one unnie, one tall guy) at the most right side so I'm guessing they're one of the higher grades, either 7 or 8. the other Malay guy sat at the front, so I'm guessing he's taking either 3 or 4, with the small Chinese girl. in front of me was maybe 5, could be 6, but the one on my left was definitely 6. he was the fastest to go, must've been born to do this paper.

the paper wasn't the hardest thing I've taken, but since I didn't really consider the timing before (I thought 3 hours, what the heck) so I guess I was kinda shocked that I was the last half to finish. I took an hour and 20 minutes or so. there were some changes from the past year like, three multiple choice instead of two, then they said 'intervals' and I remembered teacher mentioning this before but that was like, the first paper afterwards I think she forgot so I just did it normally, not the inverted one >< so I didn't do the inverted one because I was worried I'd do it wrong, but I also did my triads which teacher said it was my choice whether to do it or not but I just did it in case I got ALL the intervals wrong (I guess it is since I didn't invert it LOL).
about the melody writing. I really hate sequences. I didn't follow what teacher told me, I just did whatever looked pretty on paper. and I only did the one where they gave the chords, because I couldn't really absorb at that moment that I should at least give the examiner a choice of which one sucks more. then the four part harmonization.. I'm just afraid if the examiner will take the consecutive octaves seriously. if she does, I'm dead meat.

well whatever now I can just concentrate on my practical blargh. I know I screwed up but whatever. the past it the past. I'll learn. I hope.

P.S, somehow there's always that pretty unnie that takes and exam with me :< so jealous of their cool tops and shoes and forever-falling-perfectly-over-their-shoulders-hair. while I look like I was going to someone's birthday party lol.

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