Sunday, June 3, 2012

the dream.

okay so last night I had a dream... but I didn't remember it.
this morning I woke up, performed my prayer, updated my fanbase on Twitter then decided to go back to sleep. and I had another dream.
I think it was my first dream of B.A.P since Power came out. I had another one after Warrior, where I met them at an arts school :D weirdly in this dream, they're all still blonde.
but B.A.P wasn't really the main point of this dream. they were part of it, probably 30-40% of it but there's sort of a story line to this dream that had a sort valuable (?) lesson for me.

so I'm assuming that I had signed up for a program that required me to stay at this hotel. excitingly, I discovered that B.A.P was also staying in this same hotel!!! *imagine me spazzing right now this second screaming and squealing at the thought of sleeping under the same roof as MOON. JONG. UP.* but apparently none of my KPOP friends were with me in this program (I don't know there's always something I like that it seems that the girls don't. if it comes to the terms of school this is probably some sort of Literature or Math thing, either one.) and since it's an educational program I don't have much time to stalk the boys or even fangirl or even ask for a picture or autograph okay you get the idea.

so it seems that there are several point of views in this dream. on is me, the KPOP fangirl who is in a trip as a student and coincidentally bumps into her second bias group. then there's the B.A.P's point of view. apparently there were two parts of this (I have to remind myself before I forget. it IS a very vague dream, after all). then there was one part of EXO. that's it. I had two parts, I think. maybe three.

okay so first part was me arriving at the hotel and seeing the boys and spazzing but also getting upset because the teachers were telling me to get to bed early because we had programs the next day. there was a part I was watching from afar, Jongup and his pals, both boys and girls. the girls were tall, about 165-168 making me looking totally short and unattractive compared to them in their denim shorts and skirts and wavy hair. practically all of them had some weird ass coloured hair, Jongup being blonde looking pretty much like this :

and he was wearing a cap. I watched them get into a lift, all of them squeezed together and laughing and smiling. Jongup looked kinda short compared to his peers. but whatever it is, I wished I was one of them.

so after this was me in the program, probably already skipped until the next day. I was in class and getting ready to plug in music because I had a feeling this speech was gonna be boring. see the thing about this program was that it wasn't a school thing, it was more of an area thing, meaning the whole PJ area? so I remembered seeing students from Samad and Assunta and La Salle being there. so I was sneaking up the earphones up my tudung while Hafizah was giving out the spreadsheets. Madam K. was the teacher at that time? then I saw someone trying to talk to me, so I pulled one of the wires of my earphones but I still couldn't hear what the person was saying. all I heard was the song I was listening when the earphones were on. so I pulled off the other one too but same results.

what's weird is how calm I was. I was scared, but shit I was good at hiding it. I don't think anyone in the class noticed how fast my heart was beating. all I could hear was my heart and the stupid music. I tried putting on and off the earphones over and over again but it always resulted the same way. in my heart I felt a sudden tug of guilt. the reason this happened was because I prioritized music over school. so I went up to Madam K. and told her how I am currently very much deaf. she said something but I couldn't hear it. idk how but I got out of class in deep regret, not knowing what to do other than keep my earphones plugged in so that I won't feel like there's much difference. that's when I saw Jongup and Himchan filming a CF.

I can't remember what they were promoting but Jongup had to young and lively with his pals and skateboard (wait I thought Zelo was the skateboarder lol) and Himchan was supposed to be this mature gentleman

wait what
oh yea that's Himchan on the left. but well he's supposed to act in the CF anyway so I guess he's a really good actor. anyway they were acting as if Himchan was walking from his room in the hotel to his car while Jongup was supposed to come from the streets into the lobby so yea it looked kinda cool when they passed each other and shit but that's it yay (^^)v just me and my dreams haha.

then suddenly the dream was from EXO's Kai's POV. he was also shooting a CF at the hotel, I think he was promoting some sort of drink, one of those drinks that taste like wine but doesn't have alcohol or something lol. so he was supposed to walk to the bar and the bartender asks if he wants some sort of alcoholic drink then Kai refuses and asks for this drink, which later he says something like "Just as delicious, only safer" LOL anyway somewhere here Chanyeol and his twitchy smile and bushy hair appears too, but I'm not sure what his role was ><"

so after that I sort of woke up because of the sun blaring from behind Chanyeol's hair. not in real life. it was as if I was dreaming in a dream (INCEPTION?!) but I realized why I was deaf. I woke up as Taecyeon 2PM btw, and I was sleeping in class, drooling with my earphones plugged in. and that's when I realized it.

I woke up in real life to pause the music that was playing from my phone and go back to sleep. ah, that's better. I'm not deaf anymore.

so when the dream resumed I was still staying at the hotel. only I was just relaxing in my room, tweeting. suddenly I got a call from Shahira. she told me she made a twitter account and that she already followed me and I should follow her back. and I'm just like whoa wait slow down you made a twitter account?! tbh this part of the dream felt very much real, and I remember Shahira telling me why she'll never make a twitter account so this was a very surprising thing to me. then when I found her account her profile was really full and it made me laugh a bit. then I heard her saying to someone that she wants to add some more stuff then I heard Khairun's voice. Khairun was there with her and told her to make a twitter account. KHAIRA KHAIRA I SHIP THEM THE MAKNAE LINE
anyway lol what Shahira wanted to add was "I eat fish" then I was like "you don't say? so you don't eat beef?" and Khairun's like "I eat chicken but not beef" and Shahira's like "they're all FATS" and I just laughed to myself until I woke up.

truth is Shahira does eat beef and chicken heck I saw her eat ayam masak kicap and daging salai during the sleepover so I guess this is just me making things up because of her obsession to loose weight.
so that was my stupid but lesson-learned dream. Jongup has a life, I should prioritize studies over anything else after family and friends, and that Shahira will never make a twitter account unless Khairun tells her to.
lol what are typos and grammar

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