Thursday, June 21, 2012

jakun-ing. like HOW.

wow yenf updates a lot lol. shall leave that long for later. now.
I probably wrote too long for the last one too -shot-

just wanna say thanks to Xueh Wei appa and Yen Fern-ah for reading that fan-fic. I can't believe you guys actually like it though, it's been getting ignored in the fan-fic world to be honest ;_; everyday I'll be checking my livejournal inbox for comments but I get disappointed in the end. sigh. I really love you guys.

xwei: "I like the spontaneity of it"
yenf: "...I nearly cried. it was so serious"

yes actually it was quite spontaneous. I didn't mean it to be serious, but I guess it turned out like that haha.
I itch to go on about how this fic was born but it would be too obvious that I'm so jakun that someone actually likes it hahaha. umm.

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