Sunday, June 3, 2012

my opinion on Singaporean ulzzangs.

foreword : I AM SO SORRY IF YOU LOVE THIS GUY AND IT SEEMS LIKE I'M BASHING ON HIM, BUT I'M JUST POINTING OUT MY OPINION. am definitely not an anti, just a not-liking-it-very-much person. I guess everyone has their own tastes, and I know how it feels like when someone bashes on something you really like. I'm a KPOP fan. I've felt that a lot. so if you wanna hear my opinion, read it. if not, don't. if not you'll just get butt hurt.

meet Typical Ben.
I have a few Singaporean BABY friends on Twitter who love this guy. they're all "he's SO cute!" and I'm just like whoa okay he looks very familiar.. somewhere between L.Joe and Minwoo.

so I went to his blog and watched his video because I'm all "hey, there must be a reason Singaporeans like him so much right?" but apparently I'm not Singaporean - born.. oh wait I wasn't born here. RAISED on the Land of Malaya - therefore I don't get it.
IN MY OPINION, he sounded kinda.. CAN I JUST BE FRANK. he sounded very much gay, and then he had a little friend by his side wearing a very gay shirt then they're both laughing at themselves and I'm just like lol okay they're gay friends who just had a couple of shots before filming this video that makes no sense at all.
I mean, I've seen a vlog by a Singaporean girl before. there's no way all Singaporean girls are attracted to guys like this?!

I've seen not only this one, but I think YenF had introduced me to another what I'd like to call "Singaporean *Ulzzang" but I can't really remember his name. I think he had some sort of mix blood and I remember he had a post on how many hair colour/styles he had practically since birth. and he kinda sings on YouTube too. sorry but it really annoys me that there's a lot of Singaporeans who try to do this vlog thing with all HQ cameras and all the prettiest girls and boys but the video never entertain me. even the stupidest video by thecomputernerd01 can still make me laugh at their stupidity. I don't know I guess it's a Singaporean thing sometimes.

so I'm guessing all these ulzzangs has a twitter account where their fans would follow them hoping for a selca once in awhile; a blog where they post practically anything entertaining that happened or would be able to make them look like they have a fun life by posting pictures and crap (<--not bashing, this is the way I talk serious); then next step a YouTube where they try to do some sort of video of some sorts but to no avail, never turned out that good anyway.

another thing about ulzzangs is that somehow they have like a pretty friend or sister that would never be his girlfriend. then they would also have a gang of friends who would NEVER look anywhere near as attractive as he is. ulzzangs also really like to talk about what they're wearing, especially when it's branded.

okay I'm really sorry to all those people who like all these cutesy boys from Singapore who dye their hair and look really cute in their selcas and shit, but it really turns me off. it's just so weird like I knew these Singaporeans with voices like Typical Ben's as Ah Bengs. have this changed? are they trying to wash away that label and create this new, more attractive label, that I personally call Singaporean Ulzzangs?
Maybe in my opinion they kinda stole this pretty boy concept from the Koreans. probably Koreans stole it from Japan. whatever it is, Singaporeans are by majority Chinese and if Singaporeans are to do this, then Malaysians will start doing it, then Taiwanese and Hong Kong peeps and everyone will be pretty.......

isn't this just weird?
I liked Koreans pretty boys more than Japanese because long hair is a turn off to me, but if everyone starts doing it I'll really start hating pretty boys. will probably go for bulky hulks from the gyms (which is actually for me right now is a major turn off but who knows in five years time?).

I can't really do anything about this, but I'm really hoping that Singaporean girls will stop encouraging this ulzzang thing. let them be the Ah Beng they once were. at least they're original.
p.s, omg if someone finds this I'm so gonna be dead. so happy that this blog has no information about me at all lol. omg except for the url O.O -shot-
p.p.s, I'm not really familiar with Chinese terms actually lol, can you point out if I'm using the term Ah Beng correctly so that I can correct my mistake? thanks. >.<"

*Ulzzang is a term that Koreans use for really good-looking guys, maybe flower guys who would look pretty/handsome no matter what they do. "zzang" or "jjang" means the best. not really sure what the ul stands for lol.

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