Wednesday, June 6, 2012


3:58am. Just finished another fic. It was good. won't say it's amazing but the plot was nice. tinsy bit of smut, avoided reading that part.

whatever I'm gonna say after this is for the sake of fiction. I'm not altering the reality or trying to change people's perception of how the other world works, Na'uzubillah.
plus I'm bringing all of you readers down with me on this project. need all the help and research I could get. not planning on making this a fan-fic; only the characters are based on idols. so yea, my first big project on starting a novel.
okay so this isn't my first attempt at making a novel but I'm dead serious about this since some serious shit people actually complimented this so.
Fishing on a Cloudy Day has to wait.

so I'm trying to continue The Black Angels. I remember when I started letting people read it (weirdly, Gloria included) they said that it was good, the only thing was that there was a hole in the plot - what did the boys actually do to get into that trouble?

so I've decided to make a series of The Black Angels. based on the 'angels' that we learn in agama (malaikat) and their purposes (jobs) I shall make one part for each part. SHINee's will be the first - the Transporters, or more known in agama as Izrail. the second is EXO, they'll be the Messengers - Jibril. so I'll put Malik and Ridhwan together as the Guardians? they guard the doors to heaven and hell but I'm not sure. there's a mention of Suho being the Guardian of the Messengers so I shouldn't mix terms together. any suggestions (for either Suho/the job of guarding the doors)? considering B.A.P for this job. (childish newbies mess up the doors? lol)

Munkar and Nakir work together in the graves, the Questioners? lol. hey there's actually such word. well then. Maybe DBSK for this one. just the life of the two of them. Raqib and Atid work together in writing down human's amalans (how do I say this? daily virtues? no not virtue since bad things are included as well. hmm.) so the... Noted? Journalists haha okay. not sure who this should be. should be more than two people, since two only work on one person. there should be complications like whether what a person does is considered a good or a bad thing. considering rookies for this one, since they're so naive and not really smart on making decisions by themselves, unlike experienced idols.

Israfil's job is to 'meniup Sangkakala' which marks the end of the world so putting this back to the last; maybe there were complications whether the Highest Angel (replacing this for God, since there are many opinions on God so at least people won't get sensitive about it. not meaning that-- astarghfirllah.) decided that it was time or not, which shows that this isn't God since God is perfect and being hesitant isn't perfect SO THERE. but there's still the fact that God is the one who decides when the world will end -shot- OH maybe the Highest Angel was stupid to not understand whether God meant yes or no so :D oh whatever I'll figure this one out somehow. don't know what to call this job. should be a solo artist, maybe a girl since I'm not into solo male artists. omg Juniel. have you guys checked out Illa Illa? beautiful-shot again- back to the story.

last, Mikail (Umar Mikail lol yes my brother named my nephew after 1. Nabi Muhammad S.A.W's good friend Saidina Umar and 2. malaikat Mikail - the bringer of prosperity to earth.) well the exact words we learn in agama is "menurunkan rezeki" so I'll just say it's prosperity. and also "menurunkan hujan" (rain is rahmat ok) so I'll call the job Rain Carrier? anyone with impressive vocabs can help me out with the job names please and thank you. hmm no I'm not considering Rain for this one. a girl group who's generous... I'm being biased by thinking about f(x) or Secret. tbh the characters won't be having the same names as the original person, just the first letter of their names to hint any KPOP lovers out there but I don't watch many variety shows that involves girl groups. the only ones are probably SNSD (well technically most Seohyun through WGM) and f(x) (I didn't even finish Koala whatever technically, since Amber wasn't around). so I'll just use f(x) and roughly assume Amber's personality through IY. sigh. this needs a lot of research.
why am I so biased against girl groups? oh yea 2NE1. ...generous? we'll see about this.

sigh. 4:31am. #np Like This - Wonder Girls. 4 hours to school.

so that's... seven parts, yes? I won't write seven books obviously. these seven parts will tie down the mystery to SHINee's mistake in the first part. SHINee as The Transporters. EXO as The Messengers. B.A.P as The Guardians (?). DBSK as The Questioners (?). (rookie group) as the Journalists (?). Juniel as the (?). (girl group) as the Rain Carrier (?). omg I definitely need to go to sleep already. so I'll just end this briefly - YOU GUYS BETTER HELP ME OR I'LL SEND MATOKIS FROM THE PLANET MATO TO KILL ALL OF YOU WITH THEIR CUTENESS.

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