Friday, July 6, 2012

cheetos abs.

to be honest I'm working on this even harder than I usually do for school work sobs. I guess you do need interest to do well.

right now I'm watermarking my pictures that I took during the showcase online. it really isn't an easy job cuz uploading those huge-ass non-quality pictures take a long time so I don't know what I should do in between the intervals. so I'm here to blog about the showcase - what I should be doing probably when I've had enough rest for every single activity I've gone through.

The whole thing was full of tension around my mom. the thing is, I already told my brother the night before that we're going straight from home at 5. apparently he had class that ends at 5. so my parents were going all crazy about how I'm only bothering everyone else by going to this showcase and that it's useless and stuff. in the end my mom 'offered' help so we got things together. but ayah made the comment "ala dekat Bukit Bintang tu. tempat maksiat-maksiat tu la" and I don't know. I guess... it hurt that he didn't trust me.

when me and mom went to get Megan, her phone was still switched off and she wouldn't answer and we weren't sure where the house was. Mak kept complaining about how ridiculous this was and I just wished that she would just accept the fact that she's feeling all that anger because she doesn't want me to go for the showcase. ugh so we finally found Megan and Adilah was already at our house so after a lil prep we finally got in the car and went on our way - no more parents scolding us. I mean, me.

we took off at about 5.50pm, but we arrived at 7.40pm due to the jam argh. we were kinda late, but we manage to claim our tickets. me and Adilah left Megan (we told her, don't worry) to go find a place to pray - which is the building across the road lol. came back, claimed our posters and got inside. but we were a little late, so even though we were supposed to be closer to the stage it felt miles away.

this is how the seating was supposed to be:

red circle marks where we could've been, green line shows what could've been our distance from the stage; even if we were any later even.
but the red circle below shows where we were and green line shows how far we really were from the stage.

I don't know how the seating plan suddenly changed, but it did and it cause us very 'cute' girls a very hard time seeing - there was even a guy about six foot tall in front of us. what even. our height went as 149-154-159 cm, Adilah being tallest. we were hopeless, really - unless we had like a totally good quality HD camera. that would be a different thing.
but when the opening video started playing, the whole place went 'thump thump', and it was so exciting it didn't matter where I was (sort of. I mean they were being annoying with all the cameras but then again I held a camera too lol). they performed Power first, followed by Unbreakable and What the Hell. They talked a little, probably an intro to their solo performances cuz Yongguk left with Daehyun after that, so the other four said a few things then left when Yongguk was ready.
Yongguk performed I Remember, with Daehyun on vocals. Zelo performed Never Give Up next. both of these performances all I wanted to do was take good pictures cuz I can listen to the songs on my phone lol. but after Zelo was Jongup, and Jongup did a Chris Brown medley dance solo.

Let me tell you that by the end of his performance I really wanted to fuck him.
like, for real.

I think we all know the story - he ripped his shirt bla bla bla he looked hot bla bla. didn't anyone notice how long he did that hip thrust thing though? it was FREAKING LONG that it made me think sick things okay. #confessions I just wanna marry that boy and have sex with him every day.
moving on. oh wait I didn't take much pictures for Jongup's performance... I have a sense of regret but I guess it's for the best. so that I won't do... wrong stuff ew why even no. shut up Elyna just shut up *slaps self*

*dies of embarrassment*

well where were we? next Youngjae and Himchan appeared on stage singing Baby, acoustic. with Himchan on the guitar jbfafd you know how much I love guitar boys. I get it. Baby. as in like, it's for us BABYs. not in tribute to Justin Bieber or anything (puhlease). so later they lose the melodic thing and started dancing, Daehyun joining them and they did probably the most colourful performance B.A.P had ever done (Never Give Up consists of graffiti art, which different. it's not that type of colourful). but it was fun :D plus, CONFETTI!

after that they had a question session. they had a question board where you could put post-it questions on it and the member will pick one to answer. Himchan's was to take a Polaroid and post it on Twitter. Youngjae got a question for Yongguk, which was 'what's his ideal type' after he answered he chose a question for Youngjae which is 'can you rap?' so Youngjae rapped Yongguk's part in Power. Zelo's was 'what does BABY mean?' he didn't answer very clearly (maknae answering a serious question, what would you expect?) then Daehyun's was 'if you have abs, can you show us?' all of us screamed (obviously) but he said it's not time yet. Youngjae told him to replace it with dancing, so he danced to Baby dsjbds lol. Jongup's was 'if Chris Brown wasn't your fav dancer, than who would it be?' Jongup said Micheal Jackson and some other guy that wasn't very clear. then he b-boyed a bit.

so after that they performed It's All Lies. they were sitting down, and Jongup was on my side of the hall, so once in awhile I would scream his name so that he'd look at me, but even if he did see me he just concentrated on performing well and keeping the serious-mode on. when they stood up for Secret Love I gave up. it's okay. there was a possibility he did see me, even if for one second. it was okay.
after that they went to change so they played us a video from probably the first photobook. an intro for their last song - Warrior. and it was so awesome to see them relive their royal-debut. it was just, jbfadf.

they said thank you and got ready for the fansign. we watched painfully as they signed the posters of VIP people. then they said bye and people started leaving but we stayed a little longer. they started throwing water bottles of the members and extra posters. I got a Power poster fbsndfe. then I started searching for a staff to ask them to give my fan letter to B.A.P. thankfully, I found one. I got so happy, seriously. it had my drawings, my wishes, Hubble's wishes and my phone number and DA (lol) all for B.A.P. and now they finally got it T T so happy I can't.

we took pictures and went looking around at stuff. Megan bought a t-shirt. it was the last design, so Adilah didn't buy although she really wanted a tee. and I just stood there, broke with unsupportive parents. my bro came and we headed back home and here I am, four hours later. I'll upload the watermarked pictures on FB. but it won't be quality though; be warned.


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