Friday, July 20, 2012

comments are such loves.

first of all. SBS streaming tab is on and AGD is showing. 13 fanfics, and Naddo's blog left to read zzz. let's just make quick updates shall we.

So it's Ramadhan. at 12 I was already feeling kinda empty. unlike fasting at school, there're many more challenges at home cuz you're supposedly free to eat anywhere and anytime. But at school you practically don't eat anytime else other than during recess so. wow just talking about this makes me hungry.
it's really tiring, but I'm sure I'll get used to it halfway through the month~ for now it feels really slow, but like last night's tarawikh, it's quicker than we think. plus by the 20th day we'd never want Ramadhan to end. the food during breaking, the weight we lose slowly lol.

about school. exams start on the 7th, right? I still haven't started studying, but I'm planning to soon. right now it's only because I didn't go online for so long, and there's so many things I wanna do ; ; I was supposed to practice piano so right now I'm like wtf am I doing. but I guess since my parents aren't at home and all those people doing construction outside, I don't really feel comfortable. so I'm planning to finish this off. last thing I'll do is stream B.A.P on MuCore later at 3+. then if my mom's home I'll practice piano. if not I'd probably sleep cuz right now I'm just blogging and I'm feeling so empty sobs. I'll read something while waiting for Isyak tonight promise.
tomorrow, I'll have piano class in the morning so I'll do my homework right after. I'm worried if I delay it any longer by the time I get to it I'll be drained. and I just remembered something. M!Countdown will be showing at tvN at 8.45pm sobs I'll be performing tarawikh at that time. I'll just catch the repeat then. will be easier anyway, since I'll just fast forward to B.A.P's performance :3 hopefully I'll have the spirit to study seriously~~ I've slacked off enough~~

about KPOP sobs B.A.P with No Mercy comeback lemme die. then CNBLUE's coming back in Japan with Come On on 1st August. I'll have to be studying at that time, but I'll never miss out on fangirling seriously.

next. about fanfics. I cry every time I get a new comment. my feels :

I'll just summarize my favourite comments.

"it's gorgeous how you created a total love what-do-you-call-five-way between them, yet you didn't make any of them a hateful character. "

"Sehun addressing himself as the derpface put a smile on my face."

"the way Kai died is just - I don't know, but when I read that part I stopped breathing for a moment and had to look at something else."

"excuse me while I search for a new box of tissues."

"it's really difficult not to feel sad if someone you cherish the most leave you and whatever you do wont make them comeback to you."

"It's a mix of high school flings and gothic romance which is absolutely divine"

"it's impossible for Krystal to ever forget Sehun since guilt is the most horrible feeling ever. "

"i think Standing in the rain will haunt me for awhile"

"kai is basically has no one, though taemin got his back but i don't know. it's not enough for him to stay and in the end left taemin all alone."

"Their beautiful friendship and then they got separated and they will never be reunited together."

"at least their fighting over a planet and not something petty like a girl"

"This one's a little more confusing than the others, I'm guessing it was written earlier. I still like the language you used, though."

""I'll pay ten won for the pigeon." -spits tea- this is brilliant."

from LJ and DA.
I noticed something which is that LJ people prefer my OT5 fic while DA people prefer my B.A.P fics >< I'm glad they each have their own fans, but LJ people give more analysis to the story. I love it when they do that. if only DA people would comment like that on my B.A.P fics too. I wanna know what they think.. ><

so I'm finishing this off cuz I wanna watch MuCore. hope this was enough update. no fanfic plans anytime soon, cuz I'm still not sure about the YongSeo sorry Fern. but, I will be back!!

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