Saturday, July 7, 2012


Fear not, I've got plenty of fancam links if you need it~
But below is just a compilation of my favourite performances of last night.


The sound quality of this is quite bad, but the others are just as bad since it's a slow song and a lot of people were screaming so it can't be helped. Chose this one cuz it was super close. I think this person was at the VIP seat - all her videos are so close-up!
I recommend her if the sound doesn't matter to you / visual > voice.


A song dedicated to BABYs~ I'm not a fan of the song but I can't help but sing along, knowing their true intention <3 Their pronounciation was good compared to other boy groups lol. Plus it's so original haha. Who would've thought to make this song seem very boy band-ish? B.A.P did, apparently and they came up with a dance for it too.


Short and simple, yet so cool~ Zelo's beat boxing was so real I forgot to mention it on the last post. and Jongup b-boying is just too cool~~
and this video shares the spot with Daehyun's cute Baby solo dance haha~

this is the only YT account that posted the short performances during Q&A session ^^


Awesome song. My favourite track in Power. And the first performance was in Malaysia udsfd I loved it.


...can you guess?
I even prepared two versions of it so that I can share it's epicness with all of you.
The it-wouldve-been-my-view-if-I-was-taller version (which I prefer tbh) :

and also the close-up-see-his-sex-face version :

can you feel the sex?

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