Wednesday, August 29, 2012

reality check.

maybe I should update with reality once in awhile.

I just finished watching Persona4. oh gosh I miss watching anime. next is BECK, which is an anime Jonghyun read the manga of. I'm too lazy to read it so I just downloaded the whole series. apparently that anime is also where Yonghwa got his design for his guitar for the Intuition era, I think.

so I thought it was cool. I've watched a few episodes of it and it strongly reminds me of Paradise Kiss. a lot of underground stories. the style is sort of similar too. only Paradise Kiss was about fashion and romance but BECK, so far is about the music. so far, that is. I think I'm at episode 5 lol.

so other than anime, I've got one Japanese drama that Jonghyun recommended too on the to-watch list. I haven't even started on that one, but I've downloaded it. and to be honest there's so many movies that I downloaded the torrent of, including Josh Hutcherson movies and three Asian movies I surveyed recently. then there's that Japanese movie Shahira recommended and also Rooftop Prince and Bridal Mask. and Big. I'll push back all the dramas to the bottom of the list, since I can watch those during the holidays. I'll watch BECK now and those movies (Asian ones first, I'll watch the J.Hutch ones when I'm free) in between with my mom. we had an agreement. it all started from AGD, to be honest. she liked it that much haha. which I guess is good. now I have a movie friend :)

actually I'm still not sure about the Korean dramas. they never interest me before, it's just that everyone loves them so much I was curious. now I'm thinking bout Kimi no Todoke. should I watch the anime or just the movie? are they both just as good?

end of that part. recently I've been trying to get tougher. yesterday I found out I gained 2kg and my height was '152' (I still refuse to believe that, since I've checked at the local clinic before and the shortest my dad had ever taken my height as was 153) I really wanted to change a few things in my life.
I gotta admit my parents aren't wrong when they say I'm unhealthy. and I totally agree that I'm short because I don't exercise / play sports. although I like going online and all these things make me happy. I wish I was given the opportunity to do more. I can't play sports at school because they only give more chance to those who are good and well, I'm naturally not good at sports. I can swim, but how often are my parents free to send me to a pool? I swear if I lived in an apartment I'd make an effort to swim everyday. after SPM (since we can't take our driving license) I'd take a bus ride to a swimming pool after my part-time job for a swim. it should help me grow taller. at least 160cm.

so Literature was canceled yesterday. the whole day I was wishing it would happen, making plans to go to the monkey bars to stretch so that I'll grow taller. later I thought I didn't wanna go alone so I asked Eva and Radhii to join me (they're the only ones shorter than me so I wouldn't feel threatened if they do better or anything lol) but Radhii joined her class in dance practice and Eva beat me to it. I failed every. single. time. so sad. later I demonstrated partial of my No Mercy dance practice then Eva showed her RtC dance and I realized I haven't really taken it that seriously.

that night after my parents went to sleep I replayed M!Countdown and danced with B.A.P when they performed. I did it like once then when I went to the original schedule M!Countdown was actually showing in real time so I decided I'd go for another round. this time I realized I haven't learned the part where Daehyun sings and the dance break very well, so I learned and practiced until 2.30am. by the time I hit the sack, I was a very sweaty person. (and the next morning I didn't wash my hair.. until now)

today my muscles around my shoulders, upper arm and abdomen are really sore. but I braved through it. I was trying to be tougher. then we had to arrange the tables in the BKB and a table hit my thigh. when I got home I realized I had a bruise there and I thought "Ouch... I, I mean, cool!!"
I tried the dance again and I'm kinda rough on the edges but I had to do other things (I really can't bare the sore muscles anymore to be honest) so I left it rough. I'm kinda lacking of resources too - the only big mirror I have at home is the one in the living room where there's no space to dance at all, so I can't really tell if I'm doing well.

so I took a shower and had dinner and just realized how dumb I am. the webcam. duhh. heck now I can record it and post it on Hubble's YT and put it on private c: I just wanna show the girls how hard I've worked, since I don't think we'll be having a sleepover anytime soon to show them live.

I need to practice piano too ugh. my teacher told me even if I'm not practicing I should just take the books and read the notes out loud so that I can read notes faster. I feel like a kindergartner but I guess that's how bad I am. it's like in America where there're kids who's in the seventh grade with a second grade reading level. I hope that'll change.
I still haven't done my mod-maths and physics. maybe I'll do either one tonight. Friday is the due date so. I haven't written the fanfic since I tweeted about it during raya LOL. um. and Paradise is slowly progressing. I really have to finish them up by these weekends. I wanna concentrate on my Japanese exam.


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