Friday, August 3, 2012

silly boy.

warning : some GIFs may not work due to too many GIFs on one page. lol idk hopefully it'll work.

there's really too many..
so I'll just end it here..

lol just kidding

a little tribute for this adorable boy. I think I love him too much. please love him and support B.A.P too <3 p="p">Out.

p.s, Busker Busker because recently in Simsimtapa Jongup said a rookie group that has caught his interest recently is Busker Busker so. *^^*
p.p.s, I wanted to post some abs and dancing here too but then it's a 'silly boy' post so I'm putting up all the cute & hilarious GIFs >< srsly I have too many. choosing between them was too hard so I ended up picking almost all of them.

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