Sunday, September 23, 2012


so last night B.A.P was in Taiwan, performing for their showcase. They're probably in Korea now.
Last night while you and I were probably sleeping CNBLUE was rocking out in London. I think they're still there, taking a break.
Last night not that far away from here in Jakarta, Super Junior, BoA, SNSD, Kangta, f(x), SHINee and EXO were performing as a family, marking Jakarta with their SMTOWN Asia Tour logo.

and this morning after my piano class, I was watching a bunch of fancams, screaming and crying silently. I haven't felt the thrill of live performances for awhile now. and I'm kinda hungry for a CNBLUE one. but who am I kidding.

I watched Reply 1997 Friday night, I think. I was rolling on my bed, the laptop in the air because I was trying to keep it cool. my wrists hurt but I didn't mind because Seo In Guk is one damn good kisser and Jung Eunji is one lucky girl. it wasn't the best episode, I mean I think it lacked a little especially when suddenly [OKAY BE WARNED SPOILERS] they already had a daughter?! okay that's just weird I really thought that was their first baby or something. it was just a fucking... right in the kokoro man. right in the kokoro. and it was awkward seeing In Guk and Eunji in the delivery room hahaha I just thought that was weird. and their never ending fights.. even until the end.. I think that was too much lol. BUT! The photo thingy was cute. I loved the ending. couldn't stop laughing.

Japanese exam finally over. I kept wondering if there was class on Monday because of JLPT but then I remember they were talking bout the last class. technically, I didn't get closure. but I guess it's really over, huh? gonna miss being in the same class as those people and Yee sensei. ah, sensei. you really had done so much. I'm so grateful. And I can't even express this face-to-face lol.

dad bought me a keyboard so that I can practice at night without disturbing people. I really hope this will help.

WGM is killing me. I think this is the first time I'm watching full episodes.
and about Sunhwa and Kwanghee.. waah I have mixed feelings for this couple. because I really want Himchan to end up with Sunhwa T T they're like, perfect for each other; loud, obnoxious and pretty.
okay I admit I actually looked up their birthdays and matched them up like that. the 90-liners of TSent, I mean.  Bang Yongguk with Song Jieun because Yongguk's bday is in March and Jieun's is in May. they have a song together and well Jieun sort of matches Yongguk's ideal girl - kind, have a cute personality/cute actions. that sort of thing. I think Jieun on the other hand really doesn't think about looks, she wants someone that can make her happy (like make her laugh when she's down type of person). although Yongguk isn't very talkative and known for being funny, but I think he has a sense of humour. hopefully Jieun can learn to appreciate that and they'll get married and have beautiful babies together <3 p="p">
Himchan and Sunhwa because Himchan's an April baby and Sunhwa's an October baby. Himchan mentioned in Mnet Wide News once that his ideal type was Sunhwa. at first I thought he was just saying it to promote Secret but then I watched B.A.P Diary and I think they actually match! Sunhwa says she thinks of B.A.P as hoobaes she doesn't wanna fall for. BUT, why mention it if you haven't already fallen for them, even if the slightest bit? AHAH. She might not think about it now but Himchan is actually a good husband candidate. he's taller than her, he's not pretentious, he's an ulzzang, and he's well spoken. I'm quite sure he would treat his wife with a lot of cheese too, just like his fanservices & aegyos. triple, quadruple cheese. and Sunhwa, how can you not fall for Sunhwa?! she's so pretty, she can cook and she's fun. I don't think she really thinks of Kwanghee like that and I don't think she ever will. If someone I think of specially tried to lift three sacks of rice to impress me and fails, I would laugh and help him up instead of leaving and saying it's embarrassing. not that I think it's wrong of Sunhwa, I mean that was hilarious. I just think it shows how she thinks of Kwanghee as a friend. unlike Himchan OHOHO.
okay enough with the shipping.
wait no not done just yet DaEjOnG rOcKs My wORLd although I ship lynup/jonglyn/uplyn (??) more JONGLYN 5 EVER

finals coming up. Chemistry's gonna kill me tbh it's way too early. but recently I've been concentrating more in class so the last few chapters should be okay. it's the earlier ones, the classes that I slept in or daydreamed or sketched instead of concentrating. really need to back those up.
tonight I'll be deleting my Twitter app. a little less distraction. honestly I deleted almost all my apps in my phone. Twitter was the last one because well it's a bit hard to let go. I shouldn't be blogging right now neither. but I guess everyone needs a break (although I'm not sure if I've been working hard enough to deserve break) but oh well. this'll be the last until the end of October. bye bye.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

debut craze.

Hubble has to debut.
We'll make a cover and post it on YT and make promotions. If we're good, we'll get famous and since we're kpop fans Korea will recognize us. Then they'll invite us on Star King and people will start knowing our existence.
We'll lead our own lives - studying, working and maybe getting schedules in Korea? Hopefully, if they like us.
Then one of us will get on WGM and get married to our bias. It would be really nice if it was me.

Okay maybe this isn't Hubble debut craze. It's WGM craze. I wanna be on that show with Jongup so bad argHHH

Friday, September 14, 2012

just stop.

#np Warrior's Descendants - H.O.T. ehem. Let's get this started with.

Oh if you got this link from @lynn_eyh on twitter, can you guys help me submit it on I'm on my phone so I can't do it myself >< that is, if you think its worth posting. Its towards the post 'Exo fans are the worst?' and also some other posts from before. Thanks for reading!


Stop the Fucking Fanwars

Just stop it guys. Don't pretend people from your fandom had never done things you don't like before. So some people had done stupid things or left stupid comments. Why does that person have to represent the whole fandom?

This is my opinion, but I personally think that B.A.P had been getting a lot of hate from EXO fans because EXO had been quiet for too long. Don't say they've been doing stuff because other than To The Beautiful You cameos & the SMart exhibition (which I would've never known bout until Tumblr) I haven't heard much from them. And let's face it; it's EXO. Everything they do would explode across the net. So where are they?

You know, I'm pretty sure a lot of BABYs actually liked and supported EXO but with the hate some fans gave us, some BABYs might stop doing so. I'm a BABY who's anticipating EXO's comeback so it hurts to see some of their fans bashing us and B.A.P so much.

I have no evidence that B.A.P is popular in Korea, but they don't deserve to be called nugus. They've worked hard and I think they deserve Best Rookie because of that. And even if they don't win, I would still love them anyway. Every fan should be proud of their bias groups, award or no award.

And I'm really curious. Do you really think if YG's girl group debuted this late in the year, would they even be nominated for Best Rookie? They're already so many other rookies out there. Even if they were nominated, they would be in disadvantage due to lack of time for promotion & sales. I'm not underestimating YG, in fact they have the best quality artists in the industry, which is why I'm even considering them to be nominated. Other rookies debuting any later this year would've lost all hope.

Lastly, enjoy your anonymousity on this site, but still think before you post anything, cuz it'll still hurt feelings. Do you like getting your feelings hurt?


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I take these shit seriously.

Friday, September 7, 2012

i'll be your soldier.

This isn't the video I've been working so hard on for weeks. I started this last night and finished it just about an hour ago. I feel like I could've done much better... but I really wanted to finish a video before I go hardcore mode for Japanese.. I'd probably say the same thing about my fanfic too but I'm restraining myself. it's bad enough that I still find it hard to catch up with piano; and now I even have Japanese so I can feel the burden I'm putting on myself. I even have a karangan berpandu that was due Thursday but even on Wednesday itself I was ready to hand it in tomorrow (Saturday).

I feel like everyone can edit so nicely and mine always turns out somewhat retarded. I still haven't made that video that I can just show anyone after telling them "oh, I edit videos!" because they're all so shameful T T just like on writing and playing the piano, I hope I'll improve with experience~ -u-

That's it for now.