Friday, September 7, 2012

i'll be your soldier.

This isn't the video I've been working so hard on for weeks. I started this last night and finished it just about an hour ago. I feel like I could've done much better... but I really wanted to finish a video before I go hardcore mode for Japanese.. I'd probably say the same thing about my fanfic too but I'm restraining myself. it's bad enough that I still find it hard to catch up with piano; and now I even have Japanese so I can feel the burden I'm putting on myself. I even have a karangan berpandu that was due Thursday but even on Wednesday itself I was ready to hand it in tomorrow (Saturday).

I feel like everyone can edit so nicely and mine always turns out somewhat retarded. I still haven't made that video that I can just show anyone after telling them "oh, I edit videos!" because they're all so shameful T T just like on writing and playing the piano, I hope I'll improve with experience~ -u-

That's it for now.

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