Friday, September 14, 2012

just stop.

#np Warrior's Descendants - H.O.T. ehem. Let's get this started with.

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Stop the Fucking Fanwars

Just stop it guys. Don't pretend people from your fandom had never done things you don't like before. So some people had done stupid things or left stupid comments. Why does that person have to represent the whole fandom?

This is my opinion, but I personally think that B.A.P had been getting a lot of hate from EXO fans because EXO had been quiet for too long. Don't say they've been doing stuff because other than To The Beautiful You cameos & the SMart exhibition (which I would've never known bout until Tumblr) I haven't heard much from them. And let's face it; it's EXO. Everything they do would explode across the net. So where are they?

You know, I'm pretty sure a lot of BABYs actually liked and supported EXO but with the hate some fans gave us, some BABYs might stop doing so. I'm a BABY who's anticipating EXO's comeback so it hurts to see some of their fans bashing us and B.A.P so much.

I have no evidence that B.A.P is popular in Korea, but they don't deserve to be called nugus. They've worked hard and I think they deserve Best Rookie because of that. And even if they don't win, I would still love them anyway. Every fan should be proud of their bias groups, award or no award.

And I'm really curious. Do you really think if YG's girl group debuted this late in the year, would they even be nominated for Best Rookie? They're already so many other rookies out there. Even if they were nominated, they would be in disadvantage due to lack of time for promotion & sales. I'm not underestimating YG, in fact they have the best quality artists in the industry, which is why I'm even considering them to be nominated. Other rookies debuting any later this year would've lost all hope.

Lastly, enjoy your anonymousity on this site, but still think before you post anything, cuz it'll still hurt feelings. Do you like getting your feelings hurt?


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