Saturday, October 13, 2012

boys will be boys.

every where. any country. there's a few things that boys do that makes me just wanna cuddle them like a little kitten.

firstly, how roughly they joke with each other. B.A.P's Killing Camp. Daehyun and Zelo were lost in the streets of Seoul. Daehyun asked PD-nim for hints. He even asked Zelo to beg for hints. "He's our maknae! Pity us! Zelo, beg for hints!" then he pushes Zelo's head, telling him to bow and Zelo just obediently follows. Then when that didn't work Dae even told Zelo to go on his knees and they started to 'sob'. Dae was like "uhuhu, our maknae.. pity us.." but it still didn't work. Zelo was like "Hyung, why did you make me go on my knees?!" so Daehyun bought him ice cream.
then later in the show Daehyun tricked poor Jonguppie.. Daehyun is really.. aish those two Daehyun and Youngjae are really annoying. Youngjae had the brains and Daehyun had the mouth. Himchan was sort of there and Jongup just kept getting robbed. Zelo was hopeless and Yongguk was just being practical, not really playing the game lol.
(Still they do great variety great job guys.)

CNBLUE are really great together too. Thing is, the maknaes are huge so they tend to bully the hyungs haha.  Like BTS 'Where You Are', they had this rubber band and the maknaes kept hitting Jonghyun with it. When Jonghyun tried to do it to them they just whine a bit and Jonghyun would stop whereas Jonghyun kept on getting hit lol. And during the YongSeo days Minhyuk tried to show a magic trick and Yonghwa was like "Tell us your trick" but Minhyuk wouldn't and Yonghwa was going to see for himself but humongous Jungshin just pushed him away. I don't know why I find the way guys joke around roughly so attractive it just is.

Then last year during tuition when some guys would make stupid jokes I actually wanna laugh but I can't because I'm supposed to be that cold girl. I'd like to keep it that way. The girl who doesn't look at just any guy. Thing is I guess this makes me that girl who doesn't have any guy friends lol. But I really want to have guy friends. because guys are funny. their jokes aren't like us girls' jokes. they're rougher and offensive, and growing up with two brothers I tend to be that way too. Thing is I can't always be that way because girls are damn sensitive.

I also like guy's hands. especially when they have big hands and long fingers. it's so cool, like anime. I can't help but stare at those type of hands. yea, a few Koreans have really nice hands (I can only think of Baekhyun, Yongguk and Yonghwa right now) but that's not the only ones. that time when other schools from the Petaling district came to our school? We sat behind Sri Permata and there was this guy who had really nice hands and I can't help but stare at it. plus the fact that it was right in front of my face. I bet if people saw me staring they'd think I was really weird haha.

I can't though. I'm not used to being around guys. I only had girl friends in SSP, and I was really cold towards the guys because most of the time, I just don't want them to know I like them. either that or I really didn't like how stupid they were. (well it was primary so of course they were stupid. guys are stupidest in primary.) and now I'm in a girls' school. I'm probably doomed to never have guy friends unless approached and let's face it, with my face I'd probably never be approached and even if I ever did I'd probably never know how to talk to them even if I'd really like to.

P.S, Daehyun was really loud. Daehyun.. he's just really loud and obnoxious. Maybe Himchan was telling the truth when he said the mask was actually to shut Daehyun up.
P.P.S, I don't dislike Daehyun because of this, it's just a really different image from what he had from Ta-Dah. even Jongup who I guess was supposed to be that cool, manly guy speaks really softly and gets tricked so easily. Yongguk easily gets embarrassed in front of the camera (not the tough guy who keeps threatening earthlings) and Himchan's less of a diva when in competition. but he's still a diva. whereas Youngjae and Zelo really are what they were supposed to be (smartass and obedient respectively).
P.P.P.S, I'm freaking about the all-blondes. honestly I don't want them to have a comeback with all-blondes again I mean what no just no ok you guys look hot fine but. no.

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