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i can't with these people.

got back home. ate lunch. lepak jap. went on itsbap on my phone. got a good laugh.

so this is an interview they did back in the Crash era. I'm just gonna roughly put the funniest things in it but let's face it, that's like 80% of the whole post so bear with me.

[TRANS] Haru*Hana November Issue - B.A.P

 Q1. Nickname
 Yongguk: Bbang. To female fans who are shy to call me oppa, I’m also known as “Yongguk hyung” (Laughter)
 Himchan: Fan fool [T/N: someone who only thinks about fans]
 Jongup: Moon Angel. Because my surname is Moon. My fans made it like that. I think they call me that because I’m always smiling.
 Zelo: Pink (Bunhong). It’s close to my real name of Junhong and because my hair was pink during ‘Power’ promotions (Laughter) -

 Q2. Your favorite color
Youngjae: Although I like dark colors for clothing, I like sky blue when it comes to just colors. When I see blue colors, my heart feels at peace.
 Jongup: There isn’t a color that I dislike. I think that every color has its own charm.
 Zelo: Bright colors that suit me. No, wait, sky blue. No.Red. ….Ack! I’m very indecisive… I’ll go with white. You can put any color into white. -

 Q3. Foods you like and dislike
Daehyun: I like sushi. I dislike seafood.
Youngjae: I like soup dishes like soondae soup. A food I dislike is spinach (laughter).
Jongup: I really like fast food. If I were to specifically choose something I dislike, it would probably be herbs with strong scents.
Zelo: Kimchi. I like all foods made with kimchi. Things I dislike are herbs, sprouts, and raw vegetables. (why do boys dislike vegetables so much lol)

Q4. Music that you have recently been listening to a lot
 Yongguk: JAZZ. Incognito, Kero One
 Himchan: J. Holiday (Youngjae’s recommendation)
 Daehyun: Jessie J 
Youngjae: Lloyd
 Jongup: I only listen to Chris Brown (I started laughing here I can't)
 Zelo: Through Yonggukkie hyung’s recommendation, Dumbfoundead -

Q5. Your favorite song to sing at a karaoke
Daehyun: 4Men seniors’ song, “Baby Baby” (he sang this at BABY Day >w<)
 Jongup: So Chanhwi senior’s “Tears” (Daehyun: He’s good at the Naruto theme song too) (P M S L)
 Zelo: Dooly, Dynamic Duo seniors’ “Solo”. To be honest, I’ve never gone to a karaoke room before. (aww innocent Junhongie ;~;)  -

Q6. Something you do every single day
Himchan: Monitoring and checking Twitter mentions  
Zelo: Showering, listening to music, writing a journal entry. -

 Q7. A piece that you like or has been left in your mind
 Yongguk: The movie, ‘Last Holiday’, and I read the book, ‘Black Like Me’, at least two or three times a year.
Himchan: Ohira Mitsuyo’s ‘So Can You’, which I read in my 2nd year of middle school, and the last scene of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ was really sad, so I was touched…
Daehyun: ‘If Only’, ‘1 Liter of Tears’
 Youngjae: ‘Crossing’. It’s the first movie I went to watch with my parents. I remember it well because this was a movie where I felt like tears were going to come out, but I held it out so my parents wouldn’t catch me.
 Jongup: I pick ‘If Only’ too like Daehyun hyung. I cried because it was really sad.
 Zelo: The movie, ‘Crossing’. Although it’s embarrassing, I cried while watching it in the movie theater. (I already downloaded Crossing and If Only lol) -

 Q8. The song you like the most from all the songs you’ve released so far [T/N: They were interviewed during the ‘Crash’ era.]
Yongguk: I worked harder on writing the lyrics for ‘Voicemail’ and ‘What The Hell’ than the title songs. I worked on them comfortably, using society’s problems or the main ideas of society, and thinking that it wasn’t just an idol song.
Himchan: Warrior. It’s our debut song and is the most meaningful.
Daehyun: No Mercy. A song that breaks through the molds that we couldn’t break through till now. I broke my own mold as well. 
Youngjae: Warrior. I feel very attached to it because it’s our debut song as well.
 Jongup: I personally like ‘No Mercy’… (Daehyun: He’s quick to copy me again…) The song itself has a unique feel, and I like it because it has a strong hip-hop feel.
 Zelo: ‘No Mercy’. Because we’re each able to express our individual specialties and charms or our own characters through our parts. -

 Q9. The moment that changed your life.
 Yongguk: The process to debut as B.A.P. Although I thought ‘I’m the best’ during my younger days, I felt that even if you’re an underground artist for a long time, you can’t see as far as you want. I think those thoughts gave me the opportunity to become part of B.A.P. <-this i="i">
 Himchan: The music list that my noona would always be listening to. I think that was when I, who didn’t have interest in anything besides traditional Korean music, started listening to the public’s music. (tbh I can relate.. not to say I didn't listen to public music, but I was closed to Malaysian music so much.. my brother introduced to me the internet and good music)
 Daehyun: The moment when I followed my friends to music school and entered the world of singing was the “amazing happening” that changed my life.
 Youngjae: When I first listened to R&B music. After listening to that, I gained an interest in music and created my dream as a singer.
 Jongup: The moment I met an artist called Chris Brown. (sobbing because he is such a fanboy I feel like punching him)
 Zelo: Eminem. Although it was music that I didn’t really know of, his rapping left an impression on me. And through that, I went to audition… -

 Q10. After waking up, you found out you’re able to use a supernatural power! What would that power be?
Yongguk: Invisibility. Because everything we do is under the public’s eye, I want to sometimes live without anyone knowing.  
Daehyun: I want to become an invisible man and kick our members to wake them up. They never wake up!
Zelo: Although it’s something I always think about, I want to extend time. Make it 48 hours and not 24 hours. There just isn’t enough time in a day to fulfill all your daily plans! (I can relate)-

 Q11. You have to live on an unknown planet. Which member would you take with you?
 Yongguk: Himchan. First off, it would be fun because he uselessly knows how to do everything. If I were to take a dongsaeng, I would have to take care of them, but since Himchan is the same age as me (laughter). 
Himchan: Jongup. I don’t think I’ll be bored because he’ll constantly make me laugh. He’s cute.
Youngjae: Jongup. I think I would be able to use Jongup very well.
Jongup: Yonggukie hyung. Because he would be useful in knowing what do in certain situations.
 Zelo: Yonggukie hyung. Because there’s a lot to learn from him -

 Q13. Which member would you pick as the husband for your younger sister?
 Yongguk: Youngjae. Because he’s smart and sincere!
 Himchan: Youngjae. Because he’s the most delicate and I think he would take care of her well.
 Daehyun: Jongup. I think he’s the type that would unexpectedly be devoted to women.
 Youngjae: Jongup. I think Jongup would devoted towards my younger sister. Because he has an innocent personality, I think my younger sister would be able to take the lead… (Laughter)
Jongup: I would pick Zelo as the husband or son-in-law.. Because Zelo is young, I think she would be able to use him as much as she wants and then throw him away (laughter).
 Zelo: Jongup hyung. He’s very innocent, and when I’m with him… Ah, I have the same thoughts as Youngjae hyung (Laughter)

Q14. If you were to compare your members to objects on Earth?
Yongguk: Himchan would be a dog (it’s energetic), Jongup would be a turtle (he’s a bit slow and he looks a bit slow too), Zelo would be a rabbit (because he’s the youngest, he’s cute), Daehyun would be an eagle (he’s has a sharp side to him), and Youngjae would be a baby tiger (in between the softness, there’s something wild in him).
Himchan: Yongguk would be a tree sloth. Daehyun would be an ant (because he focuses on one thing), Zelo would be a caterpillar (because he doesn’t know anything about the world yet), Jongup would be a chimpanzee (although it’s the closest primate to a human, it can only do simple things), and Youngjae would be a bat (because he’s clever). (I feel like Himchan is easily belittling them lol except for Youngjae but still. bats? lol)
Daehyun: Yongguk hyung would be Onix from Pokemon (he’s strong and calm), Himchan hyung would be Pierro with many colors. Youngjae would be Kururu from ‘Keroro’, Jongup would be the cliche character that’s nice, but always gets tricked. Zelo would be an elementary schooler (not because he’s young, but because he’s curious and innocent, someone who’s like a parrot. He also seems like a cheesecake. Although I really like cheesecake, I feel like it would break if I were to touch it, so I want to protect it… Something like that.) 
 Youngjae: Zelo would be a puppy (he has a cute side to him that’s like a puppy), Jongup would be a gibbon (there are a lot of times when he doesn’t wear anything on top in the dorms, and although he has a good body, his arms are really long and his skin is quite dark..), Himchan hyung would be a bird (how would I explain this, something about him feels free…), Yongguk hyung would be a tree sloth (he’s slow in his actions. Although I’ve seen a tree sloth before, it always looked like it was trapped in its thoughts. It’s similar to Yongguk hyung), and Daehyun would be an apple (don’t you get a good feeling from apples? Like it’s round and pretty, no?)
 Jongup: Yongguk hyung would be a boulder (he’s reliable and reassures us), Zelo would be a shaking boulder (because he’s still young, his rebellious stage still hasn’t come to him, and he’s indecisive), Youngjae hyung would be a monkey (it’s the smartest among animals and can be used), Daehyun hyung would be a wolf (the truth is wolves are romanticists), and Himchan hyung would be Ryuk from ‘Death Note’ (because he looks like him).
 Zelo: Yongguk hyung would be a koala. Jongup hyung would be a gibbon. Youngjae hyung would be Kururu from ‘Keroro’. Himchan hyung would be cola (because he has charms that pop at you, and he has the charm to stand out like a red cola cap), Daehyun hyung would be an apple (Reporter: Did you copy Youngjae?) I needed to answer right away, but I couldn’t think of anything… (laughter) -

Q15. When you felt frustrated, how did you overcome it?
 Yongguk: When I was tired during our album productions, I listened to a lot of music and overcame it with music. Music is also what gives me inspiration. 
Himchan: I overcome it by always thinking about the future.
Youngjae: Practice. Singers usually gain frustration from their skills. If you want to overcome that, there’s nothing else to do but to practice. (so realistic..)
Jongup: I believe that time will resolve everything. 
Zelo: I thought a lot about my parents, who probably went through a lot to raise me. -

 Q16. When did you feel that BABYs were lovable?
Yongguk: When I talk with our fans during recordings. Although I don’t talk a lot, I warmly watch my dongsaengs talking with them from behind.
 Himchan: I was touched after hearing, ‘They keep their manners in mind and stay in order during broadcast station areas’. Thank you for supporting us a lot.
 Daehyun: We had our music broadcast recording at a club in Itaewon, and we were worrying whether or not people would come because it would be past 2 AM, but when we went there, there were a lot of people… Although it was a late time, the mood was the best, and I was really happy.
Youngjae: They are the most lovable when they come to watch our stages and cheer us on.
Zelo: When I saw an enormous amount of exact analyses and assessments about us on our official fancafe board. Our fans’ feedback are really important. -

Q17. When did you feel that it was good to be a part of B.A.P?
 Yongguk: When I’m recording. I’m really thankful that they match and follow the songs that I make. I’m happy.
 Himchan: When we’re at the dorms or at broadcast studios. Our dorm is comfortable and the members’ actions are cute. I feel proud as a hyung.
 Daehyun: When we’re able to receive a lot of presents or things to eat thanks to Zelo and Jongup. When Himchan hyung makes us laugh. B.A.P, who practices a lot at places that aren’t always seen. I’m really proud as a member.
Jongup: When we stand on stage together after everyone gathers up strength and readies themselves. My level of content is really high at that moment. It’s the moment where all six of us are happy.
 Zelo: When I’m with the hyungs, I feel happy because it feels like I’m gradually becoming mature. -

 Q18. B.A.P to you is?
 Yongguk: Innocence. Although I’m at the age where I lost my innocence, I feel like it gets restored when I’m together with them. When I need innocence, I go to the members (laughter)
Himchan: Family. Although there are times when they do whatever they want, I can feel that we all cherish each other greatly.
Daehyun: The hip is important to a person right? It becomes the center for your top and bottom, and they’re so important that you can’t do anything if they’re hurt. They’re like a ‘hip’ to me.
Jongup: My 2nd family! Since we’ll be spending the remainder of our youth together. I’m spending the happiest days of my life. 
 Zelo: The second me. -

Bang Yongguk: Q. As a producer, you’ve been receiving praise like ‘B.A.P=Bang Yong Guk is Amazing Producer’.
A: My goal is the produce an entire album, but I think it will take time because I’m still inexperienced… Although it’s important to make a concept for an album and compose it, I’ve been writing lyrics ever since I was younger, so writing lyrics is something that’s very important to me. I’m the happiest when I write my story and release an album with those lyrics.

 Himchan: Q. They say you went to the National School of Traditional Korean Music in middle school and high school.
 A: *something about Traditional Korean music. he's really passionate oho* After testing out the crossover between traditional percussion and hip-hop through ‘No Mercy’, I want to try it with world music next time. The world music group called ‘Alice in Neverland’ is really cool. It’s like they created a new genre with a combination that would normally never be there. 

Youngjae: Q. I heard that you liked games so much when you were younger that your goal was to become a pro-gamer, but do you play games with the members now?
 A: Although I haven’t been able to do it often recently, I found a new game on the iPad. And as expected, I’m the best at games among B.A.P. I normally play around with the members by joking around, not by playing games. Word jokes, situation jokes, or intentionally tricking each other (laughter), we do things like that when playing around.

Jongup: Q. The charm of dancing? What kind of performer do you want to become?
A: The charm is being able to freestyle dance to however your body moves when listening to a song. Although I practice techniques in order to show a cooler side, I feel the best when freestyling. I believe that a performance always needs a new and unpredictable technique or fun elements. I want to be a performer who puts in shocking elements, eliminates one-pattern things, and tries different colors out.

[A/N] 2. “Himchan hyung makes the members laugh often,” says Daehyun. Himchan, who heard this took a bite of his chip and argued, “When did I (chew chew) make you (chew chew) laugh?” To that Daehyun said, “Sides of him like that are funny.” (Laughter)

In conclusion : Jongup is Chris Brown's #1 fanboy
and B.A.P is forever lovable and I'll be expecting more from them because I personally think this is one of B.A.P's 'Dark Ages', if I must say so myself. the fanwars, the comeback that didn't come up to expectations.. but BABYs are strong. we believe in them. 

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