Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A dream.

I just had a beautiful dream.

It started off with a climax in this game where you have to find ppl. Somehow there was some problem so all of them were told to gather at the graveyard. There, they announced that a whole family had already died from the plague that was attacking us. I sat near the one of the ready-made holes, looking at it miserably. This family died all on the same day, so they decided to bury them in their backyard. I started thinking bout how one day all of us will be gone. I remembered a week ago the house was still alive and noisy. Would they have thought that they would die in a week? I was doing some dishes when I started crying bout it. Then I noticed my neighbour was outside and she kinda saw me. I wiped away the tears and the focus changed from me to the neighbour. She was wearing a black hoodie over her blonde hair, and had this tag that looks like a backstage pass to something. She and her brother and sister- the sister had blonde hair too, but the brother was more to chesnut - were talking bout the plague as they walked out of the house, on the way to a concert. They noticed cameras around the house and said "what's up with the surveillance?" In the living room, the focus changed to a boy rapping, ignored by his siblings. It was blonde Zelo. He ignored the surveillence cameras, practicing. Brown-haired Jongup (styled like in killing camp ep2) surprised him. He was in the prev game too. I think I sort of remember how the game goes - its like in Infinite's Ranking King ep2 except you get real guns to actually kill your targets. The reason being was to lessen the amount of ppl in the neighbourhood to avoid the sickness spreading from infected ppl. I was playing the game, and the ppl in the beginning, I remember now was Hyosung and Sunhwa. There was a guy but I can't remember. His target was someone else but he found the two covering for her. Anyway after they showed Zelo and Jongup (Zelo wasn't in the game - I think he was underaged or something) Zelo's parents came back home and told Zelo to stop practicing his rap and go study. The two left the living room and focus went to Zelo's mom, who was cross-stitching her and her husband's faces into a scarf. They selang-selikan with the parents next door - I think its mine, but I live behind Zelo so I suppose its Jongup's - who were also cross-stitching their faces. I think this was some goodluck token - if it turns out well, your family won't get infected. Then I woke up.

Idk I just woke up and I thought it was rather nice and I had to jot it down somewhere. First thing I could find was my phone, right? So yea. I was just taking a nap btw. That's why its so short lol.

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