Sunday, November 11, 2012

a really long post between real and virtual worlds.

Happy 1st Birthday to baby Haris Danial ^^

I'm not sure of what I should blog about. I guess there was a lot of kitchen work done but the only thing I did myself fully was just the french toast lol. Cut, spread and toasted by yours truly. Kak Ain made a bunch of stuff like popcorn and sausage rolls then her sister did like a caramel cake and chocolate cake (which were later cut into bits and put into cupcake cups(?) in replacement of cupcakes). the night before we made a bunch of tokens with toothpicks and we just randomly stuck it on the food. There Crispy bars to give to the kids too but they were playing with the balloons so much that they didn't even eat a lot. Heck they were dripping from head to toe with sweat lol. There were chocolate bars, cheaper ones that Umar messed up even before the cake was cut lol.

The theme of the party was Dr. Seuss, I think I mentioned a few times around Instagram and Twitter. As usual, Kak Ain was so into the decorations. She did a lot for Umar's first birthday, and tees & hats for the second birthday. I think I get her style now. She likes doing all these handmade decoration things, so like they match and it looks nice. She could be a party planner or something, all decorations handmade. Not everything's perfect though, so there were a few things she forgot like Haris' name banner so we reused Umar's banner and used an E to replace the S using markers lol. It tore a few times because of the boys, too. But it was really nice and worth the effort. I'm impressed with Kak Ain's determination to do all these stuff. Abang says it's leceh and not worth it but I like it. It's fun. The only thing stopping me is lack of money and confidence that people will like it too.
Kak Ain had made all these stuff for weddings and kids' birthdays. She very versatile and I like that. I think if I were her I would've just stuck to one type of decorating because I'm that type of simplistic person who can't really relate to other people's taste lol /sad life

Other food were like, barbeque chicken made by Abang assisted by Bakmal (Bakmal was in charge of cooking lol Abang tends to over-cook anyway then it'll be like 25% burnt chicken lol) then Abang made gravy for it. Mom ordered bihun and cake. Kak Ain's sister also made rojak. Someone made soup (how hard is it to make soup anyway) with the Korban meat and man was it good. Kak Su helped made orange juice lol. After taking pictures, I spent most of the time in the kitchen, washing dishes. It's okay. I like working behind the scenes. It's like, unless you go to the kitchen yourself to send the plates, you wouldn't know who made it possible to eat in a civilized way in the first place lol. And people talked to me casually. short, light conversation that made me feel good. longer conversations usually make me uncomfortable cuz I have to keep thinking up topic to talk about lol.

The cake was nice. It was a rainbow cake. Mom wasn't satisfied with it. Honestly I couldn't get a good look at it since I was still wearing my tudung upstairs when they started singing Happy Birthday and when I got downstairs it was already somewhat distorted thanks to Umar. It had something printed on it, for sure. It was square and covered with somewhat light, cheesy cream. It might be that the cake wasn't really nicely shapped or maybe the printing was weird or maybe it was smaller than expected or maybe the face that it was square just made it awkward, but I thought it was okay. Not worth 100 bucks, but then mom did order from this place in Shah Alam where even the cook is referred to as 'chef'. I guess that's what made everyone even more expectant. As an apology, they gave us a free Oreo cheesecake lol. what's awkward is that in the middle is a bunch grapes /facepalm you don't put frickin fruits on cheesecake okay. especially not on Oreo cheesecakes. that's just awkward. but father-daughter moment when me and Ayah peeked at it and decided to pick and eat the grapes quietly lol.

When almost all the guests had left (Abang Man and Kak Su naturally being the last to leave, always having a cup of coffee before saying goodbye when the sun already left the sky) I went upstairs to clean up but ended up sleeping until 9.30pm. lights were all out so I went downstairs with the laptop and watched tv. Then suddenly mom came downstairs around 11 and started asking me questions (she must've slept through the clean up process too lol) and I tried to answer her but I really couldn't (who cleaned up? not me for sure. what time did Abang Man leave? idk I was probably sleeping at that time. When did the water stopped running? thankfully after you guys finished the dishes huh? uhhh. what time did Abang leave? omg they left too? I thought they're still here). really I felt so bad I thought she was gonna scold me for not cleaning up but apparently she didn't know but then she asked me questions instead sobs

I'll post the pictures on Instagram, probably.

so that's the end of the real world. next is the virtual world. /laughs at self I'm pathetic.
you don't have to read this.

firstly, a bunch of somewhat inspiring videos?

Ryan Higa did this for his 6mil subs and I was going all "aww" throughout. kinda miss the days he did all those advertisement spoofs lol. he's still really, really funny though.

Meet Charlie McDonell.

Then, meet his friend; the guy I'm not really sure the name of.

Aren't they just adorable? sigh. somewhat inspiring.

I say somewhat these days to replace 'kinda' or 'sorta' because those sound kinda negative <-- p="p">
B.A.P also went to see disable children with MissA and damn are they adorable.

Recently I'm starting to see B.A.P more as idols than boyfriend material. Like when I saw this I really think that they're trying their best to look in front of the camera.
No I'm not thinking negatively of them. It's just that no one's perfect. Not everyone can get along with kids. Heck I'm damn awkward with kids. I'm only okay with my two nephews. The thing about idols is that they're supposed to set good examples. They're supposed to appear perfect in front of cameras. Because, after all, they're idols. You'd want people to take after them and adore them ; they're good looking, they're entertaining, and they have good hearts and do good things like charity and not smoke and make advise videos about following traffic rules and eating eggs. That's why when something like a scandal happens, it's a huge thing. Because people start realizing that they're not perfect - they're still human.
Lee Gikwang was once caught smoking on a porch. Sya was so upset about it. she said she didn't expect it from him. she always saw him making advertisements about not smoking and taking care of your health. But she learnt to accept it.
somehow, in my opinion, things like this make me like them even more. I like humans, not idols. Which is why the fact that Himchan didn't appear much in this video made me feel somewhat relieved. B.A.P isn't faking it (other than Yongguk along with Suzy, who I think they tried to make the main point of the video). If Himchan wasn't used to kids, there's no point in faking it so that he'd get more screen time. there is a sense of fakeness in this video, trust me you gotta admit there's no way they made that cake right lol. but I guess that's the entertainment industry. honestly even the dance thing seemed kinda fake but they still look fucking adorable anyway (hence my dp now is adorable little dancing Guppie in an animal suit ehee). but when I saw that glance of Jongup carrying that kid, I felt a little happiness in me. It did seem awkward, like he wasn't used to carrying kids, but the kid seemed like he really did want to be with Jongup cuz his arms were grabbing his shoulders. It seemed more natural. does this make sense?
also I wonder if Suzy was aware that Jongup is one year younger than her but in her year and took the SATs but she didn't. and she was trying to be all angelic with the kids... sigh idk I don't think it's her, I think it's the attention she's getting. even the extra lines she doesn't deserve (honestly think Fei has a better voice than her) and being like the angelic, motherly one in this video... it all seems so fake.

there was a point I liked Lee Jonghyun like I wanted to marry him type of affection but later I knew him better and thought "well that isn't really the type of person I wanna marry." he doesn't really smile at fans at the airport or anything like that. most fans understand; might be tired or something but he does get hate. it's not that he doesn't like his fans, I just think to him it must be annoying that they crowd and make a fuss over him when he's just another human being. I think he likes those fans who comes to his concerts and cheers for him there, genuinely for his music. I mean, he's not making music at the airport, is he? but still. it wouldn't hurt to smile just a bit, right? plus he changes his point of view a lot lol I'm kinda scared of these type of people.
I think one day I'll find reasons to start treating Jongup more of an idol, like I admire him type of affection. One day. When I get to know him better and find human qualities in him.

Ugh why am I talking so much at 4 in the morning.

LAST, recently Jongup mentioned that a female idol that had attracted his attention was Lee Hi. So I decided to watch her performance.

I wasn't in particular interest in her from the beginning. This was the first time I heard the full song, honestly. It's not that I don't like her because of Jongup or adore her because of the same reason neither. Jongup only said she attracted his attention because she's very talented and the song is good and successful.
In my opinion, yes, she's very talented. she has this Amy Winehouse vibe, and I really like the song she did with Epik High 'It's Cold'. But this song doesn't particularly interest me. But she's young too, like what, my age, one year younger? somewhere there. so that's impressive.
But I really dislike people who started shipping these two just because Jongup made that statement. you know, that's what most shows do. they ask these type of stuff so that delusional fans would think of every romantic thing possible going on between the two. they're idols, for fuck's sake. things are done professionally in most parts of the industry. not everything is a romance novel, you fools.

I'm ranting aren't I well okay that's all then don't go too far into that drama and spoil it for me, okay Fern

oh shit I forgot mentioning checking out D-Unit because B.A.P was supporting them and all. they're good, check 'em out. still thinking whether I like them to the point of downloading their songs though lol

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