Sunday, November 4, 2012

hard to say i love you.

So I decided to start watching this drama Jonghyun recommended. tbh I've downloaded it a long time ago but never got to watching it. but now that I've started, I kinda regretted it. but I think the timing is just perfect c: cuz if I watched it earlier, I might not get some of the things that I can relate to now.

#np Never Give Up - Bang&Zelo.

so I've watched the first 2 episodes. I figured it was enough, since it made me take 2 hours to fold the laundry lol. mom was pissed. The first episode already made a good impression, the first scene being the present, already heart-stopping. then they went back to the past, on how this all began. with four Twitter friends meeting up at a bar in Shibuya.

The four friends are Haru, Nakaji, Linda and Doctor. (these are all usernames) previously, they show how Haru and Nakaji had already made an encounter, making a bad first impression. Apparently Haru has a crush on Nakaji, and was hoping that this meeting would turn into a real life relationship. but in getting to know him better, she found out that Nakaji already had a woman in his life. Also, their meeting had Doctor falling for Haru, who was apparently quite kawaii. It also created a friendship between Linda and Hikari, a friend of Haru that she brought along (see, even Japanese people don't feel comfortable meeting up with guys alone like how do Malays do this I don't understand) . They sort of kinda had a one-night stand? I didn't really get it but I guess they got to a hotel but Hikari didn't wanna do it and they agreed they'd just stay as friends.

so. The day after they got to the character's real lives. apparently Doctor isn't really a doctor after all. he was just a salesman who sold things to doctors. or at least, try to. Hikari, an air-stewardess, could be pregnant of a married man's baby, who wouldn't admit its his and had 'promised' he would get divorced with his wife to marry her. (of course it's all a lie, and Hikari isn't stupid to believe this). They also revealed that Hikari had previously cut her wrist a lot. Linda (it's a guy btw lol), a magazine editor was being seduced by his Editor-in-Chief and later that night he found out that he was only given that position because of his looks. I swear it's so heart-breaking. Nakaji's 'woman' was actually a married woman and they were having an affair. He also wasn't working for Vogue as he claimed. he was a photographer for a slanky playboy magazine. Haru was only a part-time teacher (also an air-stewardess, but taking a break) and is accused by a senior teacher that she was trying to win her students through popularity. there was also a student who is really freaky and watching her like a hawk, who also has whom I think is a girlfriend. Haru's younger brother has a history with heroin, and I think he's still addicted. Haru's mother met an old boyfriend and is meeting him a lot recently, who turns out to be Nakaji's relative (there's no definite relationship between them right now, except that Nakaji had been giving him money and the resemblance so I think it's his father idk).

Hikari then decided to make a Twitter account too, calling herself Peach. she tweeted about killing herself (it said "I will now go to a state of darkness" I'm not sure how they could interpret that lol) so the whole gang went to save her. she told the gang that she wants to be reborn. the guys then confided each other. Doctor asked, "do you guys really have friends?" all three realized that they don't, and that that was the reason they made a Twitter account in the first place. so they decided, they would be each others' friends.
Doctor also found out that Linda's father owns a hospital. the next day, Doctor asked for his help because if his sales didn't go up, he would be fired and he couldn't support his sister. Linda said that this wasn't a good basis for friendship, and I was crying watching how desperate Doctor was ;~; also, it revealed that the creepy student was trying to target Haru's brother. as in selling drugs to him. that night, all five friends went to the bar again and had a good time. at that time Haru was about to vomit and Doctor came to help her but she said she couldn't vomit in front such a pretty face (lol) and called for Nakaji. later when the two girls went to clean up, Linda said that girls can't vomit in front of guys they like so Doctor naik syok la ape lagi. Nakaji decided he'd do them a favour and gave both of them tickets to a movie secretly and Haru really didn't like it because ya know, she didn't like Doctor. she liked Nakaji.

Peach confided Linda saying that she feels really lonely. Linda was pulled into having an affair with his (may I mention old and unattractive) Editor-in-Chief or else he'll lose his job. Nakaji also confided Linda to help him get a job at his magazine. at this time, Nakaji had what Koreans would call 'skinship' and Linda was somewhat attracted (I think he's gay). did I miss anything? oh and Linda decided to help Doctor and went to see the father he hadn't met for years ^^

so the reason I like this drama is because all five of them are essentially lonely and confided in strangers through Twitter. that offline meeting was how their life started to change. they're all from different backgrounds but they get along so well. Because when they're in hardship, these are the friends that are there not to lessen your burden but to help you feel better about those burdens and make you stronger to confront them. so I'm sure there's more complicated stuff to happen, especially between Haru and Nakaji since they could be siblings and Linda since he's gay. I don't know about the other two though.

Things I haven't mentioned : Doctor is played by Kim Jaejoong and I think this creates a huge bias for me lol. and Doctor's supposed to be Korean anyway. in a whole I just think this is really sweet. scenes like Doctor wanting to take pictures. the first one was a group photo, but he said he wanted to take another but in reality it was a picture of only Haru. I was screaming. I can't say it's a must-watch just yet but so far, so good :3 I just hate the lovers-are-siblings cliche ugh.
So yea. I just spoiled everything to you ehee.


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