Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm back on track.

So I re-downloaded Instagram and Blogger app so now I am officially lifeless and devoted to my phone HURRAH


Me and you
We are real here
Even though we look into each other's eyes, holding hands with each other
I feel we're unreal
General love is a pricky tie

I wanna go to the sea, I wanna hear seagull cries
City noises vanish behind my back
I walk wearing a straw hat low over my eyes
The wind drops in a blink again

With my dark blue heart
Like a bird singing for the sky
I wanna take you away
As I spread my angelic wings

On a night we looked for the lost dream
What came in sight is
A flock of crows around corpse with grief
If we find the lost dream
Our life will be better, so

Baby now, I just wanna see the light
Where is the promised land?
In the endless sky
I fly vaguely with you

The moon illuminates pale
If only we could go back to the old days...

If trailing clouds don't vanish
And lead us to the wrong way,
I'll shoot them down with my missile

We grind against each other
Let us burn down
The insane unwaking dream

The world is the phantom
Everyday is transient
As we fly off a tower,
I can't let you see my tears at dawn
Otherwise the world is likely to ruin

Baby now, I just wanna see the light
We're still looking for the promised land
In the loveless sky
We keep struggling

I wanna fly higher than the sun
If only I could paint the world red...

If a dark painted spiral intoxcates the silence
I'll shoot it down with my missile

The light that is too bright to see
burns down the insane unwaking dream

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