Friday, November 30, 2012

I don't know why I was expecting B.A.P and EXO to collaborate. who the fuck am I kidding. who's B.A.P in SM's eyes, really?

that feeling when all these big shot are there like, with their bitch faces and worldwide popularity with everyone fucking loving them so much with nothing less than 6 official songs, okay 12 since it's in DIFFERENT FUCKING LANGUAGES so it's DIFFERENT SONGS RIGHT OF COURSE THE LANGUAGE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE

and then there's B.A.P. the underdogs. the ones who worked hard with 5 albums and back to back to back no break, keep coming back every time they had a chance. the one from a small company, trying their to best to make it big. the ones who tried to get their names on everyone's tongues. they looked so big, so furious, nothing can stop them when they're on stage, on Inkigayo to Music Bank to MCountDown to Music Core to Show Champion, performing, variety shows, singing, dancing, rapping. doing all they can.

and yet among those people, they looked like nothing.

my boys. the boys that I love so much. do you know how much that hurts?

my Guppie. the most adorable boy I've ever met with the most beautiful body and purest heart. how did he feel? will he be okay? will he keep smiling?
I know he'll keep smiling. because he's that type of person. but sometimes I just wish he'll just

Yea I left that off 2 and a half hours ago to watch PewDiePie's walkthrough of Ib because I knew if I went on I'll never finish. too much emotions going on there. it was so awesome. first time I didn't sleep through the whole night. Will sleep after we perform subuh prayers ^^

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