Friday, November 23, 2012


Today, I went to One Utama with Nadhrah and Xueh Wei to watch 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'. it was fun. we ate pretzels for lunch and went around looking for hat shops and Candylicious everywhere. it was tiring, and we slept partial of the way back home. kudos to Nadhrah's brother for sending to and fro >< I know it's bothersome to go to PJ and back to Subang through all that jam but he did it anyway :)

So I bought Jongup's cap. I am not that satisfied bout it, because it was a fitted not a snapback (which he usually wears sobs) and I tried it just now and I'm just hoping it would fit him. it would be a bit tight... sigh. but I really liked the design. it had some Japanese words on it and let's admit it, everything that has something Asian written on it looks cool. plus, it was affordable, original price 39.90, then there was 30% discount so I just paid 27.90 ^^ it was really hard, honestly, because I couldn't find one that looks good enough AND a snapback. then when we went to Candylicious there were no marshmallows of which Xueh Wei was looking for. it was really hard for Nadhrah to find it too haha. but it was fun in a whole ^^

I read Hanis's blog and this paragraph kinda caught me.

But I understand if they change. I really do. I know what it feels like. That happiness,yeah,I can imagine. But after a while,that type of happiness stopped being an actual happiness,you know? Like a happiness that is only on the surface. The sort that makes your heart beat faster and you can't help but smile. That sort. It wasn't that heart touching sort of happy,the one that makes you feel all calm inside. And I feel like if that relationship can't make me feel that way,can't touch my heart and make me feel really happy then why bother?  I think - if I were ever to have a relationship I would want to feel that kind of happy,that happy that makes me calm,that touches me.

You know that thing people say, crying of joy? when the movie was about to end, I cried more than the sad parts. I really had no idea why. maybe because I was so touched. I'd love to feel that feeling. the feeling of 'infinite'. It would mean that there was a moment where I was really, truly happy that it wouldn't matter if I don't feel very happy for the rest of my life on earth. at least I was, at one time. It's just that I'm not really sure when that'll happen. How. What will make me feel happy. And when it comes, I just hope I can manage to acknowledge it, instead of just letting it slip off like that. I really wanna enjoy that moment.

So yea. The movie was amazing. the thing you should do is read the book, love it, then watch the movie. no movie is better than the book it was made from, so you'd probably enjoy the whole 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' experience more if you did that.

P.S, I'm gonna write a letter to Jongup that I'm gonna send along with the cap, but I'll only write it after MAMA so that I can let him know about all my feelings lol. Plus, I'm gonna ask him to wear the cap when he comes to Malaysia, so if I send it to him too early there's a possibility he'd forget so. And do you guys remember Najihah? she's the friend I made when I went to Pyramid with the girls. she can speak Korean so I'm gonna ask her to translate the letter for me and I'm gonna re-write it (by hand, yes) ^^ it'll be fun.
mom caught me with the cap and she just asked the price and "since when did you wear caps?" but I just kept silent. she didn't ask anything else. it's... probably for the best lol.

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