Tuesday, November 20, 2012

personality tests.

so I read Hanis's second blog post (yay she finally made a blog again wheepee) about the personality test and I decided to take it. Honestly I did this a few years ago and I think it was more accurate than this time. I can't remember what it was though. Wait I think I did it earlier this year lol I remember tweeting about how Unbreakable can make everything you do seem epic while taking the test. I think Ika introduced it to me. But I honestly can't remember.

so this time, I got INFP, The Idealist. I read through a few lines of it and well, it didn't sound much like me I guess. there must've been something on the test I did wrong lol. I usually get annoyed easily at those type of analytical tests where you have to weigh every option carefully because most of the time, I really depend on situations. so I probably just breezed through lazily anyway and got it wrong hrm. now that I look back at it, the F-T (feeling-thinking) thing is a close 51-49 so perhaps I'm INTP. it sounds familiar. it probably is.

brahah. it is.

so to find out your own personality type, click here. to find out about INTPs, Google it.

next up, I bumped into this at Tumblr. it's the personality disorder test. I'm actually quite healthy, half moderate, half low. means that I don't have a lot of disorders. means I'm normal. but I think 'Antisocial' deserves a moderate, not a low. especially when I'm around people I don't like. I just don't talk. or approach. or do anything. I guess I watch them but that's creepy.
the only conclusion I can come up with this is because I'm afraid of what people think of me. I find approaching individuals easier than groups of people because that group of people might already be comfortable with those specific people, therefore you joining in might be interfering. like Human Gang. I like most of the people in it, and befriend some of them individually, but when they're together in one group I'm just like "i probably should keep at least 10m distance from them" but I don't. i think our table is about 3 feet apart? 2? we're back-to-back basically.
but like I said, I prefer answering questions depending on situations. Like I have my own groupie - Hubble. so around them I'm just myself, speaking as absent-mindedly as possible because I know they won't judge me. they know me well enough not to.

so, to find out your personality disorder, click here!

Hanis, I expect you to be reading this tbh if not you are one heartless ENFJ.

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