Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Jongup kept his eyes on the floor after loading his gun. Blood smudges can be seen on is clothes and bare skin, his brown hair unruly and dirty. What used to be a round neck under a leather jacket and camouflage-patterned sweatpants are now torn up, revealing his entire left arm which was cut at various places and his right arm from elbow below. His pants were torn at the knees from the several times he had ran and tripped, revealing torn skin. Next to him sitting on the leather sofa was a boy younger to him, but much taller with platinum blonde hair, totally unharmed. The living room they were sitting in belonged to him.

Their parents were gone, but it didn’t mean that they should stop fighting. So far, Jongup had killed three people.

“You’re going back out there?” the boy asked Jongup.

“I have to,” he replied. “They’re after you, Junhong. And until I can convince that they can’t touch you without going through me, I won’t stop.”

“You should take care of yourself.”

Jongup looked up, observing the black spots on Junhong’s neck. He was already infected, and it was obvious that with the amount of time Jongup had spent with him, soon he’d be infected too. But that didn’t change the fact that he had to protect Junhong.

Jongup ruffled the boy’s hair, standing up and starting towards the door. He gave him one last wide smile of his, hinted with a little sadness, and said “Wish me luck.”


that was the beginning of the fanfic I'm working on. I really want to write something about a plague or Apocalypse of some sort but I guess I'll base it on my dream that I posted the other day. I hope it's okay, because I'm not getting much ideas on how to write the part where it all began. my vocabulary isn't very good neither, so that doesn't help. 

anyway, I'm here because I've been thinking and I thought I have to let it out somewhere just so that I'd have someone to prove to other than myself (if I kept it to myself, whether I've succeeded in doing it wouldn't be a problem because it's only to myself, get it?). There are some things I don't have to do.
Like I don't have to make covers because well it's not like my voice is really trained or even that good; it's average. not something to showcase, really. Maybe I'll do a cover with Hubble, that I'm confident in because one thing I'm good at is blending in with the crowd, making myself - whether good or bad - unseen. like the other day during Chemistry we were playing that snap game and I didn't lose not because I was good at Chemistry but I was good at cheating like being fast and not really saying much when I made a mistake so no one would notice.
I also don't have to edit videos. Sure it's nice sometimes but I should really just leave it to the professionals like the above. although there are things I would change - it's not perfect of course - but that's what I call a quality edit. I don't stand a chance. so I got myself into this collab and I think that'll be my last edit.

the reason I decided to cut off these things is because I'm finding it hard to find time to do things. one day had already been somewhat wasted (all I would've done at home was go online anyway) because I went out with the girls today. soon I'll be starting tuition. then I tried doing the Smart Holiday but damn, I need to start reading. btw I got 73rd in the whole form. just made it to top 75. I gotta start pushing myself. I'm already at risk of not getting into the top two classes. mom would be disappointed. 

then I have other priorities. Like the fanfic. I think I should stick to what I do best and concentrate on that. even if I wanted to do something else I always have drawing.
and also I have a lot of dramas and animes to catch up, not to mention books. I realized I have about 5 weeks to finish up all my books and at the pace I was reading The Phantom Tollbooth I wouldn't be able to do that so considering cutting off my online time at night and reading my books to sleep.
the other day I was doing my chores while listening to music and I realized I could've watched my drama instead /facepalm so I'm trying to do that - enjoy myself while doing leceh work by watching dramas/animes.
and recently I started reading Kagerou Days... then I have fanfics I wanted to read to get inspiration and see different styles of writings... just that today, so many things are down like Tubmlr and Livejournal so I can't do any of that tonight. well the laptop was with Bakmal anyway I slept and woke up at 2.30am, discovering my brother wasn't in his room so I decided to update myself a little. so here I am now.

well in seven minutes it'll be 4am and I don't wanna miss Subuh again like I had for the last two days (that's six minutes now) so I'll be off then.

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