Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shut up, Elyna.

I don't even care anymore bout who gets offended or whatever those shits didn't care bout who'd get offended when they tweeted all that

I don't even care who wins I like B.A.P more than EXO that's all if B.A.P gets disqualified bcuz BABYs were reported cheating or whatever shitty reason idgaf anymore I'm just worried B.A.P will be disappointed of us when 99.9% of us didn't do anything

2000 votes were casted through that bot out 11mil votes how can that be the reason B.A.P's votes got higher? Please find base to your accusations, who ever did that accusation and I'm presuming its one of the more idiotic EXO fans one of whom were butthurt

I secretly wish B.A.P's votes didn't suddenly get higher because BABYs who didn't care before suddenly cares so much. Including me. Its fucking affecting all of us

I honestly think B.A.P would've won either way because they made more comebacks, making more variety in their music and in of high quality musically, so maybe I can't put this in pretty words but any professional would rate their music a lot, lot, LOT better than EXO's. Not saying that their music is bad. They had one album released which makes the probability a lot less

About the search thingy majig, I really can't tell who'd win it because the search engine only counts on Korean websites but I know EXO would be more popular among teenagers and SM stans but B.A.P made a big name for themselves and they may have not been conquerers of all teenage girls hearts but I'm sure a lot of Koreans are interested in them since they don't invest on the flower boy concepts - just awesome musicality and a strong voice

About albums sales, physically B.A.P might have lost but digitally B.A.P got it strong. I can't say on this department since B.A.P got like 5 albums when EXO only got one but I'm not sure if MAMA only counts for Crash or something

I really don't mind B.A.P not winning this crap because they definitely deserved it either way and they still have a gazillion other awards where they can win this.
BABYs, please stop responding to the EXO fans who are bashing B.A.P and BABYs bcuz that will only mean we had stooped to their level and B.A.P won't be proud of us if they heard this
Plus there are a lot of groups that didn't win the rookie award and still made it big like BIGBANG wouldn't it be better if B.A.P won the EMAs rather than this stupid voting shit that only makes a lot of drama among the fandoms srsly

Earlier in the year I really wanted B.A.P and EXO to make a collab for MAMA. Now I realize there's no hope for that. SM will make EXO do some awesome shit as a 12 and any possibility that B.A.P will do a collab it would be with other rookie groups that don't go up to their standard like Nu'est or BtoB or VIXX
Not meaning that as a bash but really, can you guys really compare B.A.P to a normal rookie group? They are not normal. They've passed the standards of a rookie and being compared to sunbae groups. SENIOR GROUPS OK. BLOCK B. BIGBANG. That might be irrelevant but still, it has happened.

But whatever I'm losing my point. I've even heard a fact that EXO and B.A.P had never made eye contact which makes me sad because I was really expecting their friendship to be like MBLEAST but oh well that's the past. SM will never make that happened. Its the truth everyone knows now.

About the title, I just have all these thoughts and I keep feeling like tweeting them but I fucking can't because I've lost 2 followers and you can say that it doesn't matter and all that and it doesn't but you can't deny the fact that it hurts when you lose followers for trying to state out what you think is right you can't deny it okay.

You can't deny feelings that exist. We're humans and we have feelings and when it happens we might not be able to do anything about it but once in awhile we need to let it out somewhere somewhere because we're humans and we have feelings and sometimes we have too many feelings and keeping all that feelings to yourself isn't good for you because we're humans.


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