Sunday, November 25, 2012

so... vixx.

Before I start ranting, I just wanna say whoever wins for MAMA, I don't really mind anymore. If all this bashing is gonna happen, it's really not worth it.

Okay now rant bout VIXX. I'm kinda torn about them I mean their song is catchy and all. Everyone from tlist seem to like them and start gaining interest. If I point out my opinions on Twitter they'd call it bashing so I just shut up. But well I just watched this fancam and that opening was fcking cute.

But I guess two things caused me to have this disliking towards them. Firstly, they did the cover thing on M!Countdown and it was like B.A.P (H.O.T) vs VIXX (Sechs Kies) and the song they covered was like, so cheerleader-ish and kinda gay so I didn't like it that much. Except for this one guy who looked like Seo Inguk and Sungjae from BtoB. (and omg I just re-watched it and wow even their lip-syncing is bad) (if you wanna compare this is B.A.P's performance and it even sounds like them the original version was so nasal)

Then the two met again on Show Champion and they had this high-pitch competition thing and well Daehyun wasn't trying to show off what he didn't have I mean compared to that rocker guy from Phantom he obviously lost but this Ken dude just had to do that dolphin noise thing and it was so annoying. Immediate dislike. Then there's the red head dude called Ravi who had a dance battle (at 20:58) with Jongup and did this ballerina turn thing haha. Okay so that's mean but I mean he was against my boyfriend so okay stop Elyna you are being so mean. there's a legit reason I don't like him though - have you ever heard him rap?

Okay this is still mean. I've read anti-B.A.P comments before saying that they think Yongguk's voice is annoying so whenever I have thoughts like "omg Ravi's voice is so annoying and nasal" I tell myself to shut up and thinking like that won't make me any better than those B.A.P antis. but so far, I've only came to interest to that one person - the person who looks like Seo In Guk and Sungjae from BtoB, N.
and I just found out his name like, yesterday.

eh no not this guy
oops not this one neither
yup this... less attractive version of them (doesn't make him unattractive look at how he cutely gets pissed off) (it's the best picture of him that looks like them I can find tbh. Google images, you disappointed me.)

I guess if you want me to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth I started noticing him when behind the scenes he shook hands with Jongup and pushed his shoulder. VIXX were more into the versus thing than B.A.P since B.A.P's so fcking anti-social they barely tried haha. but this guy also caught my attention as what I'd like to call "the-best-voice-in-vixx-in-my-opinion" because different people have different taste. I guess Ken is supposed to be the vocalist but if you watched Rock Ur Body MV N had a lot more lines and definitely sang better imo. and then I found out he's the leader. then I found out he's one of the main dancer too like OMG does he do everything? apparently not. Ravi does the rapping.

idk even when I watch the MV it feels like there were members that didn't get a lot of lines. first impression when someone doesn't get lines : they're not good enough, right? it always happens. but there's always situations like in Teen Top where they didn't get a lot of lines just because. then when someone says "they're not good enough to get lines" the fandom will tell the person to listen to their album tracks - then you'll see that they're actually talented and it's all the company's fault. cliches in kpop, honestly. I'll just assume that they're not good enough since even the chorus of the song was kinda nasal-y so I didn't like their voice in a whole anyway.

I'm just happy no one reads my blog. these are my thoughts - I have things that I don't like too. but I've always said to antis, if you don't like it, just don't listen to it and shut up so right now technically I'm going against my own words. I had to put it out somewhere. who else will be okay with it other than my real life friends who know better than to think badly of me lol

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